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Yueyang Yetop Fine Chemical Co Ltd is a subsidiary company of Shenzhen Asiatop Carnitine Technology Co Ltd, located in Yueyang, Hunan Province. We dedicate our full attention on chiral synthesising pharmaceutical intermediates and some of high tech pharmaceutical intermediates. All of our products are exported to overseas markets, and all of our products meet strict quality standard and get excellent reputation from our customers. Our products are all manufactured in industrial level and every year, there will be 3-5 new products put into market. Welcome to contact us for anything you are interested in.

We expect to work with you and your esteemed company in future. Besides, we also care about the environment issue, we operates a closed system production facilities in order to save natural resources and to prevent pollution. Water is used over and over again before being treated in its own wasted water facility by means of the activated sludge process, and is finally sent to Waste Water Treatment Center. The residual sludge is dried and processed before it's sold as an unique fertilizer. Some by-products are used as raw materials of various other chemical products again and the rests are incinerated and then are utilized as steam energy as wall as Hydrochloric acid. "Zero Emission" is highly achieved by us.

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Sales markets Western Europe; Asia; North America
Primary business activity Manufacturer
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