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News Providing solutions for special populations – CPHI North America Interview

In Philadelphia in May on site at CPHI North America we were able to meet with some of our speakers regarding their presentations. In the following interview Srinivasan Shanmugam, Executive Director, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Business Sup...

News A Day in the Life of a Head of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs

We are continuing to get to know the people working day-to-day behind the pharma companies shaping the industry, the ones who keep the wheels turning and ultimately bring better healthcare to the population; we are talking to the individuals at the hea...

News Novo Nordisk launches 'Power of Wegovy' national campaign

Danish drugmaker Novo Nordisk have launched a new national campaign – The Power of Wegovy – that aims to educate those living with obesity on their blockbuster drug Wegovy throughout the United States.

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