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Product 6-Chloro-5-(2-Chloroethyl) Indolin-2-One

This product is commonly utilized as an Pharmaceutical Intermediate and is one of Aceto's premier offerings.  Aceto sources and supplies solutions from hundreds of audited suppliers globally to ensure the right fit for our customers' specific challenge.

Product ORGANIC Flower Remedy No. 9. Zen & Enlightenment

Flower essences for wellbeing during zen thinking. Flower essences for wellbeing during zen thinking No. 9 - Zen & Enlightenment. MARNYS® ORGANIC Flower Remedy No. 9. Organic flower essence remedy, is a food supplement which blends 7 flower essences, carefully prepared according to Dr Bach's original method, ...

Product Dexmedetomidine

Dexmedetomidine is an alpha2-adrenergic agonist with sedative properties used on awake sedation in diagnostic or surgical procedures in ICU. A unique feature of Dexmedetomidine is that it has analgesic properties in addition to its role as a hypnotic, but is opioid-sparing; thus, it is not associated with sig...

Product Thymopentin for injection

Thymopentin is a synthetic pentapeptide which is the active site of the naturally occurring hormone thymopoietin with immunomodulating properties. Thymopentin enhances the production of thymic T cells and may help restore immunocompetence in immunosuppressed subjects. 【Indications】
(1) Patients with c...

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News Strategies for managing an outsourcing partner

Robust oversight linked to increased efficiency and better communication with outsourcing partners. 

News Updated: CPHI North America 2022 Blog

Follow along for live updates from CPHI North America, taking place in Philadelphia, PA from May 17-19. 

News Greater standardisation needed for effective ESG reporting - Expert panel

Increased transparency and standardisation in ESG reporting frameworks is emerging as a key requirement for investors. 

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