Exhibitor at CPHI Barcelona 2023 stand 3M40, Contract manufacturing and services
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Procaps Group is a leading provider of Contract Development and Manufacturing services in softgel advanced technologies for the global pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry. 

With 8 manufacturing facilities across North, Central & South America, Procaps Group’s CDMO businesses, Softigel, Sofgen Pharmaceuticals, Softcaps Brazil, and Funtrition, are bringing its extensive manufacturing capabilities and product development expertise in a wide array of Softge and gummy advanced technologies, helping companies to deliver health and innovation around the globe through new products and challenging projects in novel technologies. We are an integrated Softgel CDMO, offering end-to-end solutions from development across the delivery.

Our advanced delivery technologies, including Softgel advanced technologies, our proven formulation, manufacturing and regulatory expertise, has enabled us to become an integrated CDMO (iCDMO), giving customers full-service, turnkey solutions in prescription drugs, OTC and specialized nutraceuticals. Our differentiating strengths have enabled us to move into more difficult-to-produce compounds, formulations, dosage forms, and non-traditional manufacturing processes where few competitors can follow. Our Company is infused with a strong belief in the growing need for precisely the sort of generic drugs, specialty Pharma products, and advanced delivery technologies positioned in our pipeline, so developing long-term partnerships based on these breakthrough technologies is our state of mind.

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CPHI Barcelona 2023
  • 24-26 October 2023
  • Fira Barcelona Gran Via, Spain
  • Visit us at stand 3M40, Contract manufacturing and services

Products Featured at CPHI Barcelona 2023

  • Unigel™ Fixed Dose Combination Softgels

    Product Unigel™ Fixed Dose Combination Softgels

    A unique oral dosage form that allows having tablets, capsules, granules or pellets inside a single, larger soft gelatin capsule. Unigel™ is the only patented technology for fixed dose combinations which incorporate the benefits of soft gelatin capsules. Created for patients and consumers who want...
  • Chewgels - Chewable Soft Capsules

    Product Chewgels - Chewable Soft Capsules

    Discover our Chewable Softgel Platform ChewgelsTM, chewable soft capsules as a solution and line extension to existing or new products. With new ingredients, special shapes and flavors, we can offer our customers a range of formulations for different therapeutic lines. But, when thinking about consumer...
  • Funtrition™ Gummies

    Product Funtrition™ Gummies

    At Fun-trition we are focused on offering a complete experience in every bite of our delicious gummies. From Gelatin, to Plant-based technologies to guilt-free, sugar-free gummy formulations we understand that good nutrition doesn't have to be boring. At Funtritiom, we don’t just manufacture gummies, we c...
  • Versagel™ - Plant-Based Softgels

    Product Versagel™ - Plant-Based Softgels

    Vegetarian softgels are becoming increasingly competitive with animal-based gels. ​As development efforts continue, additional areas of limitation may be overcome, such as the desire to use natural colorants and high-viscosity ingredients. ​ Meet our vegetarian softgel technolog...
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) Softgels

    Product Cannabidiol (CBD) Softgels

    We offer fully assistance for development, formula optimization, and encapsulation of CBD-THC products. Soft gelatin capsules are the ideal dosage form considering both bioavailability and stability of Cannabis medicinal products. Additionally, our unique and patenteted Unigel technology offers a unique pl...
  • G-tabs - Gelatin Coated Tablets

    Product G-tabs - Gelatin Coated Tablets

    Innovative Technologies to improve Therapeutic Adherence. Meet Gtabs, Gelatin Coated Tablets technology.  Gtabs is a Technology for tablets cotaed with gelatin, one or two tonedm, considered the best way to mask unpleasant odors and flavors, prevent counterfeiting and guarantee therapy adherence. q...

    Product SOFTGELS

    At Softigel, we offer much more than traditional softgels, including everything from a single unit dosage form, to multiple delivery systems in a single dose. Softgels are an effective delivery system for oral drugs, especially those with low solubility and/or permeability (BCS Classes II, III and...