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Lucy Chard
25 May 2023

Alliance Healthcare backs campaign to bring vital medicines to Ukraine

Alliance Healthcare UK aids in the camapign for support for the Medicines to Ukraine initiative, which aims to supply hospitals in the war-torn country with the vital medicines they need to treat casualties from the conflict. 

Following the start of the devastating war in Ukraine, countries all over the world have tried to show their support and send aid for the people of Ukraine. 

The Medicines to Ukraine Campaign is a cross-European campaign started by Employed Pharmacists in Europe (EPhEU). The campaign seeks to source medicines from donations and get them to the casualties in hospitals, overcoming challenges such as proper quality control and transport and distribution issues. 

In the UK, the Medicines to Ukraine pharmacy appeal is led by The Healthcare Distribution Association (HDA), 
Pharmacists' Defence Association (PDA), and National Pharmacy Association (NPA). The appeal asks pharmacy teams to advocate for the campaign and encourage customers and the general public to donate to support the charity’s work. 

Alliance Healthcare UK, as one of the country’s largest pharmaceutical wholesalers, is a key supporter of the Medicine to Ukraine Campaign. Alliance Healthcare UK has brought attention to the campaign via their wide distribution network and extensive communication capabilities, including a UK-wide poster drop to pharmacies of 15,000 posters. 

The campaign obtains specialist medicines that are needed by Ukrainian hospitals that are running on depleted or non-existent stores, but still desperately trying to treat the casualties of war. 

In the UK, £220,000 has been raised so far through the appeal, with a total of £3 million raised across all of Europe so far. 

Martin Sawer, Executive Director of HDA commented: 

“Our member companies’ distribution networks ensure a comprehensive, resilient and efficient supply system is always there for community pharmacies, hospitals, and dispensing doctors. The Association is delighted that an HDA distributor is making use of its own intensive national network to enable this vital campaign.”

Matt Addison, Operations Director at Alliance Healthcare, stated: 

“Each of the 16,500 pharmacies that we supply each day will play an important role in raising awareness of the Medicines to Ukraine campaign. Alliance Healthcare is fortunate to have an operation ready to help our pharmacy customers activate this important appeal and play its part to help those impacted by the war in Ukraine.”

Source: Alliance Healthcare. Alliance Healthcare UK Supports Medicines to Ukraine Campaign. [Date accessed 25/05/2023] 

Lucy Chard
Digital Editor - Pharma

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