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ARBRO PHARMACEUTICALS PRIVATE LIMITED, a tested & trusted name in Indian pharmaceutical Industry having more than 34 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting of pharmaceutical formulations and Research & Development for pharmaceutical Industry. Arbro Pharmaceuticals is a trusted company with 34 years of experience in RnD, manufacturing and exports. Arbro's commitment to innovation has led to the discovery of a star product SNEC30 – Self Nano Emulsifying Curcumin, a US Patented Delivery System with the highest bioavailability and clinically proven efficacy. It is uniquely presented as Liquid Filled Hard Gelatin Capsule making it stand out from the competition. The WHO GMP Approved manufacturing facility with ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 accreditation provides the highest level of quality which is the foundation for a long-term association. Arbro is looking for exclusive partners in all countries. Our VISION is to product innovation and technology up-gradation thereby strengthening our position to strive for leadership in pharmaceutical and...

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  • SNEC 30 - Self Nano Emulsifying Curcumin

    Product SNEC 30 - Self Nano Emulsifying Curcumin

    The product SNEC30 (Self Nano Emulsifying Curcumin 30mg) is based on Indigenously developed drug delivery system for Curcumin by us in collaboration with Jamia Hamdard University and support from Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. We have been granted US Patent (US Patent No. US88355...

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  • Brochure SNEC30 – Self Nano Emulsifying Curcumin 30mg

    Patented Self Nano Emulsifying Delivery System makes Curcumin Bioavailable·         Curcumin is in solution in the capsule ·         Forms Nano Emulsion in gastric fluids ·         Increases solubility  ·         Protects the curcumin from harsh pH ·         Prevents metabolism in intestinal cells ·         Bypasses first pass metabolism Unique Presentation ·         Liquid filled hard gelatin capsule Appealing aesthetics Very stable formulation Shelf life of up to 3 years