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AVOCOM AQUEOUS NASAL SPRAY 0.05% (120 METERED DOSE) is medication of Mometasone Furoate (Corticosteroid)  in Concentration 0.05% and presented as Suspension in Sprayer Bottle .

 It is used to treat the symptoms of hayfever (also called seasonal allergic rhinitis) and perennial rhinitis in adults and children aged 3 and older.Hayfever, which occurs at certain times of the year, is an allergic reaction caused by breathing in pollen from trees, grasses, weeds and also moulds and fungal spores. 

Perennial rhinitis occurs throughout the year and symptoms can be caused by a sensitivity to a variety of things including house dust mite, animal hair (or dander), feathers and certain foods. AVOCOM reduces the swelling and irritation in your nose and thereby relieving sneezing, itching and a blocked-up or runny nose caused by hayfever or perennial rhinitis.
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Categories Finished Dosage FormsSprays
Sales markets Middle East; Asia; Africa
Supplied from Saudi Arabia
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