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Created in 1986, BCF Life Sciences is a specialist in the extraction of free and natural amino acids. We are based in France, with a worldwide presence. We offer amino acids that are extracted from feather keratin (L-Cystine and L-Tyrosine), and Carbocisteine which is produced from our own L-Cystine to guarantee full traceability. Our motto is: "We only sell what we produce".

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Products from BCF Life Sciences (3)

  • L-Cystine

    Product L-Cystine

    Since 1986, BCF Life Sciences is an expert in the extraction of L-Cystine for all Health and Beauty applications, working with major nutraceutical players. L-Cystine is a major amino acid of fibrous protein keratin found in skin, hair and nails. BCF Life Sciences is the only manufacturer in Europe to ...
  • L-Tyrosine

    Product L-Tyrosine

    BCF Life-sciences offers a wide range of products which includes L-Tyrosine. BCF Life Sciences is an expert in L-Cystine & L-Tyrosine extraction for 34 years and is the only manufacturer in Europe to produce natural amino acids with such a unique extraction process from Keratin. . 2 type...
  • Carbocisteine

    Product Carbocisteine

    BCF Life Sciences offers a wide range of products which includes Carbocisteine. As a sole manufacturer of carbocisteine API using its own French L-Cystine, BCF Life Sciences guarantees a full traceability as well as a high service rate (OTIF* 98%, 2018). BCF Life Sciences is the only manufactur...