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Are you looking for a reliable partner of healthy ingredients? Belgian Health Ingredients Group is here to help!

Composed by 8 qualified companies, the group offers various products and services in B&B and B&C, of which there must be at least one that answers your needs. Together, the group’s products can target more than 20 types of consumer needs/trends....

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Products from Belgian Health Ingredients Group (3)

  • Contract Manufacturing Organization

    Product Contract Manufacturing Organization

    Hedelab, certified ISO 22 000, BIO and HACCP, is an added-value CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization), based in Ghlin (Belgium), producing food supplements. Our mission is to support the development of our B-to-C customers, by bringing innovative neutraceuticals solutions (powders, liquids, caps, tabs,...
  • Manufacturer of Patented Innovative Food Supplements

    Product Manufacturer of Patented Innovative Food Supplements

    BioXtract is a manufacturer of Patented Innovative Food Supplements and Standardized Formulated Ingredients for Pharmaceutical and Food Supplement companies. BioXtract’s expertise lies in the development, production and marketing of active ingredients from natural origin, with very high...
  • Probiotic Solutions provider

    Product Probiotic Solutions provider

    Vésale Pharma is a leading Probiotic Solutions provider based in Belgium. It markets a broad range of Probiotic finished products in the digestive, immunity and feminine health fields. In 2011, Vésale Pharma has obtained a worldwide patent for its ground breaking Probiotic micro-encapsulation technolo...