For 20 years, BIOCORP has been designing, developing and manufacturing medical devices for the pharmaceutical industry, enhancing drug reconstitution, safety, packaging and delivery. 

Today, Biocorp continues to innovate in medical plastics, bringing new solutions to the market such as the NewGuard, an integrated passive safety system for PFS compatible with existing Nest & Tubs, and the Biopass, a reconstitution system with an integrated needle ready to inject.

Recognized for its expertise in device R&D, BIOCORP has incorporated software devel...

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Products from BIOCORP (5)

  • Sween

    Product Sween

    Sween aims to make the act of self-injection of medication by patients using injection pens easier, more serene, and safer. The device mechanically helps patient to insert needle inside skin at correct depth before injection and to reduce his/her fear during the whole injection process. It should then be u...
  • Biopass

    Product Biopass

    BIOPASS ensures a smooth preparation of injectable medications. The BIOPASS system allows to reconstitute lyophilized drugs in a very convenient way. This user-friendly reconstitution system supports patients and caregivers for self-administration
  • Datapen

    Product Datapen

    Datapen is a smart reusable injector pen adapted to chronic disease treatments and connected to a mobile app.

    The solution records each dose injected, with specific time and date, and send the information back to the smartphone via Bluetooth technology.

    Compatible ...

    Product INJAY

    Injay collects essential information such as injection completed, time and date, type of drug, batch number and expiration date. I nformation is sent via NFC technology to an app on mobile, tablet or PC.

  • Inspair

    Product Inspair

    Inspair is a compact add-on module designed to fit inhalers.

    Smart sensors collect unique inhalation data and connect to smartphones via Bluetooth.

    This innovative solution offers new possibilities for the correct use of inhalers and offers digital tools to ease disease and ...

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