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Gareth Carpenter
13 Nov 2020

Pharmapack Podcast: The opportunities and challenges of bringing connected devices to market in the drug delivery sector

Smart, connected devices are revolutionizing drug delivery in the ways they can gather, order and transmit crucial patient data to physicians

Connected smart devices have transformed everyday life in many ways over the last few years. This is particularly evident in the consumer space, where on top of the ‘must-have’ smartphones, computers and wearables, there are now also solutions for recharging, home lighting, managing appliances and energy saving.

However, when it comes to connected drug delivery, the ecosystem is undoubtedly much more complex, not least because it operates in a highly regulated environment. Also, healthcare systems around the world can differ greatly, in terms of clinical practice, pricing and competition and can also be subject to sudden changes brought on by new governmental policy or funding.

Taking all this into account, it is nevertheless an extremely exciting time for product innovators in the drug delivery sector. Digital technology has to all intents and purposes been a real game changer and companies working in this space are finely balancing the opportunity that harnessing the power of this technology can present with the pressing challenge of addressing unmet needs such as patient adherence and compliance.

In this interview with Eric Dessertenne, CEO of BIOCORP and Sebastien Ferrandon, Global Head of Diabetes Integrated Care at Sanofi, we discuss the potential of connected devices, where we are in their story arc and where the future growth opportunities really lie.

Click the link below to listen to the podcast:

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Gareth Carpenter

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