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Biophore is a Hyderabad (India) based global pharmaceutical company focusing on development and manufacture of niche APIs. We have been in the top 10 DMF filers in the US consistently for the last four years and growing rapidly. Our API facilities are US FDA and EU approved. We have a number of readily available products, with 120+ DMFs filed globally of which 90+ are US DMFs, and a pipeline of development projects. Our list includes products in Oncology, Contrast Media, Peptides, Hormonals, Injectables among others.

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Products from Biophore India Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

  • Ethacrynate Sodium

    Product Ethacrynate Sodium

    Etacrynic acid (INN) or ethacrynic acid (USAN), trade name Edecrin, is a loop diuretic used to treat high blood pressure and the swelling caused by diseases like congestive heart failure, liver failure, and kidney failure.

    Biophore's Ethacrynate Sodium :

    US DMF Available
  • Melphalan Hydrochloride

    Product Melphalan Hydrochloride


    Melphalan (trade name Alkeran, in former USSR also known as Sarcolysin) is a chemotherapy drug belonging to the class of nitrogen mustard alkylating agents.
    An alkylating agent adds an alkyl group (CnH2n+1) to DNA. It attaches the alkyl group to the guanine base of DNA, at the number 7 nitrogen atom of the imidazole ring. Otherwise known as L-phenylalanine mustard, or L-PAM, melphalan is a phenylalanine derivative of mechlorethamine.
    Biophore Melphalan
    2 DMFs filed
  • Docosanol

    Product Docosanol

    Docosanol is an Antibiotics and Chemotherapeutics indicated for the treatment of Cold sore/fever blister treatment.

     Biophor'e Docosanol: DMF - Filed

  • Ferric Citrate

    Product Ferric Citrate

    Ferric Citrate is a phosphate binder indicated for the control of serum phosphorus levels in patients with chronic kidney disease on dialysis

    Biophore's Ferric Citrate:US DMF Filed. Completeness Assessment done
  • Frovatriptan

    Product Frovatriptan

     Frovatriptan is an Anti Migraine

     Biophore's Frovatriptan: US DMF Available Completeness Assessment Done.
  • Indigo Carmine

    Product Indigo Carmine

    Originally employed as a kidney function test, the chief application of Indigo Carmine at present is localizing ureteral orifices during cystoscopy and ureteral catheterization.

    Biophore's Indigo Carmine: DMF filed, Completeness Assessment done
  • Nilutamide

    Product Nilutamide

    Nilandron; Anandron

    US DMF Available - Completeness Assessment Done

    Non-steroidal Antiandrogen
  • Plerixafor

    Product Plerixafor

    Plerixafor is an Stem Cell Mobiliser indicated for the treatment of Combination with granulocyte-colony stimulating factor (G-CSF) to mobilize hematopoietic stem cells to the peripheral blood.

    Biophore's Plerixafor: US DMF AvailableCompleteness Assessment Done
  • Tretinoin

    Product Tretinoin

    Brand names: Retin-A · Atralin · Renova · Refissa · Avita · Tretin-X
    Drug class: Retinoid
    Acne vulgaris · Acute promyelocytic leukemia

     Biophore's Tretinoin: US DMF Available - Completeness Assessment Done
  • Trientine Hydrochloride

    Product Trientine Hydrochloride

    Treatment of Wilson's disease

    Triethylenetetramine, abbreviated TETA and trien and also called trientine

    Biophore's Trientine Hydrochloride: US DMF Available

  • Acitretin

    Product Acitretin

    SORIATANE is an NSAID Indicated for the treatment of severe psoriasis in adults. 

    Biophore's Acitretin : API has been reviewed by US FDA , Product meets USP and EP specifications, Polymorphic form; Form III.
  • Acrivastine

    Product Acrivastine

    SEMPREX-D (Combination Drug) is an Antihistaminic indicated for the treatment Relief of symptoms associated with seasonal allergic rhinitis such as sneezing, rhinorrhea, pruritus, lacrimation, and nasal congestion. 

    Biophore's Acrivastine: US DMF Filed 

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