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Your One Stop Shop for ready-to-launch medical devices in five categories:
Grow in 2022 with medEctoin® products that combine

  • drug-like efficacy (clinically proven)
  • absence of common side effects
  • inflammation reduction
  • moisturisation
  • acute treatment, regeneration and prevention 100% naturalness
What is medEctoin®?
“The strongest natural cell protector”, as Lasker Laureate Prof. Dr. Dieter Oesterhelt puts it, is a molecule that allows microorganisms to survive in the harshest environments. Applied in medical devices, it exerts drug-like effects in a variety of fields such as
  • Intimate Care: Vaginal Gel
  • Eye Care: Drops & Gel
  • Allergy: Nasal Sprays, Eye Drops & Gel, Lozenges
  • Dermatology: Dermatitis and Psoriasis Creams
  • Cough&Cold: Inhalation Solution, Nasal Sprays, Lozenges
How does medEctoin® fit into my portfolio?
It is unique, innovative, effective, safe and natural: In your marketing, you can highlight whichever aspects you need in order to create and fill a niche in your market. Success Stories in 45 countries worldwide of our global and local partners such as Sanofi, Solinea etc. are proof to that.

You can choose a single product or a whole product line: Whether you license just the medEctoin® Allergy Nasal Spray or a holistic product portfolio covering all areas of allergic reactions (Eye Drops, Nasal Spray, Lozenges) – medEctoin® fits into various business strategies.  

How fast can I be successful with medEctoin®?
Thanks to our widespread CMO-network, you can see these products exclusively under your brand in the shelves of your local market in only four to six months.

Who is bitop AG?
bitop was founded in 1993 as a spin-off from the University Witten/Herdecke as one of the first biotech companies in Germany. Within the past 28 years, bitop has become an internationally operating expert in the biotechnological manufacturing of small natural protection molecules, so called Extremolytes. We have done extensive research and validated for example Ectoin® as a naturally derived ingredient for cosmetics and medical products.

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Products from Bitop AG

  • medEctoin® Eye Gel: Your natural line extension

    Product medEctoin® Eye Gel: Your natural line extension

    Eye gel drops for the treatment and prevention of dry, irritated and inflamed eyes, e.g. allergic conjunctivitis or dry eye syndrome or other inflammatory diseases of corneal and ocular surface  


    • Effective as preventive treatment
    • Protects against harmful influences of allergens
    • Reduces allergen induced inflammations of the conjunctiva
    • Prevents eye irritations and forms a protective layer

    • Calms and soothes irritated and tired eyes
    • Alleviates allergic symptoms (red, itchy and watery eyes)
    • Intensive and longer moisturization of dry and irritated eyes due to prolonged retention time
    • Stabilizes the lipid layer of the tear film and reduce further dehydration
    • Reduces burning, itching and foreign body sensation
    • Protects ocular cells from hyperosmolarity due to effective water-binding capacity of Ectoin® Hydro Complex

    • Supports wound healing after ocular surgeries and/or injuries of the eyes Supports the regeneration process of irritated and sensitive conjunctiva
  • medEctoin® Vaginal Gel: Better than standard treatment

    Product medEctoin® Vaginal Gel: Better than standard treatment

    • First study results showed that medEctoin® Vaginal Gel outperforms Hyaluronic Acid
    • Reduces irritations of vaginal mucosa and prevents it if used regularly
    • Supports the regeneration process of irritated vaginal mucosa
    • Immediately relieves vaginal atrophy symptoms such as itching and burning sensation with long-lasting effect
    • The Ectoin® Hydro Complex stabilizes the cell membranes of the mucosa, maintains hydration, and supports regeneration process
    • Immediately hydrates dry and irritated vaginal mucosa and prevents further dehydration
    • Provides long-lasting moisturization of the vaginal mucos
    • Reduces vaginal atrophy symptoms within 5 days and prevents worsening
    • Can be used in combination with systemic hormonal treatments
    • Recommended for the treatment at the onset of the first symptoms of vaginal discomfort
    • Reduces pain during sexual intercourse
    • Compatible with natural latex, polyisoprene and polyurethane condoms*
    • Effects are based on 100% natural ingredients
    • Suitable for daily use (regular use prevents irritation)
    • Free from hormones, fragrances, mineral oils, dyestuff, alcohol