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  • Product Oral Solid Doses

    Synerlab is a well known and highly regarded producer of dry forms specializing in small, medium and large production batches runs. We offer a wide range of technologies, including tablets, coated and sugar coated tablets, hard and soft gelatin capsules, in different packaging options (blister, bottle, alu...
  • Product Celanese Development & Feasibility Lab Services

    When you work with Celanese you have access to the right mix of services, support, and proven materials to accelerate your drug delivery program through technical feasibility. The Celanese Development & Feasibility Lab offers formulation development, drug release testing, form factor development, mater...
  • Product GBC Production Plant site Video

    Genovior Biotechnology Corporation facility capabilities & current ongoing production lines
  • Product Blender

    ApplicationIt can automatically complete lifting, clamping, mixing and descending tasks and can be matched with bins of different volume to meet the mixing requirement for large batches and diversified varieties of products.

    Features • Changeable bins design for various capacity • Human/ machin...
  • Product inline mixer CMX with 2 dispersing stages

    The IKA CMX 2000 is an inline mixer for rapid and homogeneous incorporation of powders into liquids. The circulation of fluid creates a powerful vacuum in the machine that draws in the powder. This ensures an agglomerate free integration of problematic powders that are not easily incorporated into the liqu...


    -          AFFRON® (Saffron extract) helps to maintain a state of relaxation and mental and physical well-being. Helps to maintain a good mood.

    -          B12...
  • Product Granulation/Pelletization

    • wet (aqueous & organic), dry and melt granulation • fluid-bed & high shear granulation • direct compression • extrusion / spheronization • pellet layering in fluid bed process • coating of pellets  • fluid.bed and tray drying • sieving / blending
  • Product Formulation Development

    Glatt Pharmaceutical Services develops and produces solid pharmaceutical dosage forms. Our focus lies on multiparticulate systems such as pellets, micropellets and granules. Whether you are looking for optimal bioavailablity or taste masking, improved solubility or stabilization of the dosage form, we have...
  • Product Vertical single-shaft mixer / ribbon blender (VM)

    Further characteristics of the single-shaft mixer / ribbon blender:If the mixing process requires deagglomeration, high speed cutting rotors can be installed.The ribbon blender is driven from the top, using only a single top bearing.The mixer meets all industry standards for surface finish, including sanit...
  • Product Blending systems

    In pharmaceutical processes, but also in the food industry, very high demands are placed on the blending of products and raw materials. Uniform mixing or homogenisation is indispensable for further processing and the quality of the product. We offer various systems that blend your powders and granules safe...
  • Product various pharmaceutical machinery (including fully automatic, semi-automatic, and manual)

    various pharmaceutical machinery (including fully automatic, semi-automatic, and manual)
  • Product Solid Dose Manufacturing

    Tablet, capsule and powder products that are packaged in various bottle and blister formats.
  • Product SULFOLANE

    1.Excellent solvent for many classes of organic compounds

    2.Highly Polar with outstanding chemical properties

    3.Exceptional Chemical and thermal stability

    4.Low toxicity

  • Product IBC-Bin Blender

    Matcon's IBC Blender eliminates the time-consuming and costly cleaning associated with traditional stationary mixers such as V-blenders, double cone or other fixed shell blenders as the IBC itself is the blending vessel. The bins are filled, discharged and washed ‛off-line’ (in parallel) so the Blender...
  • Product Bin mixers

    Cos.Mec offers effective solutions for pharmaceutical mixing processes, ensuring homogeneous blending in closed environments.

    Our mixers for palletized and wheeled bins (and for drums) represent an ideal solution for mixing pharmaceutical powders and granules inside containers that can b...
  • Product Conta Blender

    Conta Blender is a latest GMP concept of the dust free transfer of powders & granules at different stages from sizing/dispensing to compression filling of Tablets and Capsules. The process involves collecting the sized granules in container, wheeling it to the Blender, engage the same with clamping sys...
  • Product Biconical Mixer

    Biconical Mixer for Dry Powders
  • Product Roto Cube Blender

    Ideal for mixing, lubricating and blending in Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Food, Chemical, Cosmetics, Ceramics, Pesticide, Plastics and other Allied Industries Process : The shape of Roto Cube blender, process larger volume in less space compared to similar blender like "V" and double cone blender....
  • Product V blender

    Ideal for mixing, lubricating and blending in Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Food, Chemical, Cosmetics, Ceramics, Pesticide, Plastics and other Allied Industries Process: The shape of V blender, process larger volume in less space compared to similar blender like double cone blender. It can p...

    The DWS dosing and packaging system is a machine designed to store the pharmaceutical and food powder or granules in differents types of packaging (i.e.: drums, bags, tubular line etc.).

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