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14 Sep 2022

Boosting in Vitro Testing for Nasal Drug Products

In Vitro Testing For Generics and Novel Nasal Drug Products

In Vitro Test Methods for Nasal Drug Products VIDEO: Learn how our Alberta Idealised Nasal Inlet (AINI) capability can deliver enhanced IVBE studies for generics and support the development of novel intranasal products targeting specific nasal regions 

Whilst promising an attractive route for rapid drug delivery, enabling access to the central nervous system and a means to bypass the blood-brain barrier, the complexity of the nose and its physiology can make nasal drug delivery challenging. Reliable in vitro test methods are therefore of the utmost importance to provide robust data to support understanding of drug delivery deposition. This can drive greater understanding of performance in both novel and generic nasal drug product development. Our Alberta Idealised Nasal Inlet (or AINI) enables realistic nasal deposition studies. By mimicking the nostrils, turbinates, olfactory, and nasopharynx parts of the nose, the AINI allows regional nasal deposition data within these geometries to be measured, supporting development of drugs that target specific nasal regions. The AINI can also help to demonstrate the clinical relevance of in vitro BE tests, reducing the need for clinical trials for generics. Utilising these technologies, Intertek Melbourn have established powerful in vitro analytical methods which allows for targeted formulation design, all supported by Intertek’s analytical expertise, stability storage solutions and clinical trial manufacturing services, to accelerate your nasal drug product development. 

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