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  • Product Inhalation Formulation Services

    Inhaled drug products for nasal or pulmonary delivery continue in popularity due to the prevalence of respiratory diseases around the globe. Additionally, the lung’s absorptive capacity continues to be explored as an attractive delivery point for both local and systemic applications. Particle engineering, a c...
  • Product Dry Powder Inhalation (DPI)

    Catalent provides development and manufacturing services for Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI) capsules.  With support for clinical- and commercial-scale, the team can handle projects at any stage. Catalent’s Boston-area DPI capsule manufacturing facility is equipped with modern, top-tier encapsulation and bl...
  • Product CleanSpace® Smart APP

    WEAR YOUR PPE WITH CONFIDENCECleanSpace HALO offers high protection and increased comfort. Now, with the CleanSpace Smart App, you can check your mask fit anytime during your shift. 

    Create an account to pair with any CleanSpace HALO in your facility, and in less than 1 minute, check mask fit,...
  • Product Acetylcistein 200 mg Eff .Instant Sachet

    Acetylcysteine has a mucolytic activity through its free sulfhydryl group, which acts directly on the mucoproteins to open the disulfide bonds and thus lowers the viscosity of the mucous and facilitates its removal by the muco-cillary action and expectoration.Acetylcysteine improves the phagocytic capaci...
  • Product COUGH REMEDY SYRUP KIDS - medical device

    COUGH REMEDY KIDS NIGHT SYRUP is a class IIa medical device, with a moisturizing, lubricating and protective effect on the mucous membranes of the upper airways, which calms the cough and fluidizes the mucus, where present, facilitating its expulsion and thus promoting a better night's sleep. Based on honey (...
  • Product Quali-G™ Liquid (Gelatin capsule for pharmaceutical applications)

    Quali-G™ Liquid capsules have been specifically designed to contain and permanently seal low and very low viscosity liquid products, until now difficult to handle with existing capsules on the market.

    The specific design of the Quali-G™ Liquid capsules guarantees a minimal deformation ef...
  • Product CleanSpace® BioHood System

    BIOHOOD SYSTEM FOR USE WITH THE CLEANSPACE HALOCleanSpace® BioHood System, compatible with the CleanSpace HALO Respirator, is specifically designed for biocontainment units, laboratories and pharmaceutical cleanrooms. The CleanSpace BioHood, coupled with the exhalation adaptors, provides eye and head protec...
  • Product CleanSpace® Steri-Plus Exhalation Filter For Source Control

    STERI-PLUS EXHALATION FILTER FOR SOURCE CONTROLWorld’s first exhalation valve filter for PAPR for source control in sterile settings. Suitable for use in patient care settings and laboratory/ pharmaceutical clean rooms Developed specifically for sterile environments where filtering of the wearer’s exhale...
  • Product CleanSpace® HALO Powered Air-Purifying Respirator

    CLEANSPACE HALO: PROTECTING FRONTLINE STAFF FROM AIRBORNE CONTAMINANTS.   The gold standard in Personal Respiratory Protection for workers in clinical settings. A powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) designed for high protection, comfort and cost effectiveness
    • Approved PAPR wi...
  • Product Quali-V® Extra Dry (HPMC capsule for pharmaceutical applications)

    Quali-V® Extra Dry have a guaranteed extremely low moisture content (2.0-3.5%). These capsules are specifically designed for use in administering moisture-sensitive or hygroscopic pharmaceutical drugs.

    Even when  exposed to ambient conditions with low humidity, Quali-V® Extra ...
  • Product Quali-V®-I (HPMC capsule specific to inhalation for pharmaceutical applications)

    Specifically designed for moisture-sensitive formulations, the grades of hypromellose used to develop Quali-V®-I have been optimized for puncturing to favor an uninterrupted airstream and reduced particle shed. A controlled lubricated internal shell surface enables superior powder emptying, delive...
  • Product Quali-V® (HPMC capsule for pharmaceutical applications)

    Our Quali-V® capsules are the first vegetal capsule for pharmaceutical applications, setting the trend in market preference. Beyond their equivalence to gelatin in dissolution time, Quali-V® HPMC capsules present advantages for hygroscopic drugs due to their reduced moisture content (4-6%) and physical st...
  • Product Quali-G™ (Gelatin capsule for pharmaceutical applications)

    With a very predictable dissolving drug profile, Quali-G™ capsules can be used at all stages in the development process, and finally to product launch and commercialization, as they do not undergo any changes in physical and chemical performance when empty throughout their shelf life.

  • Product PillHaler®

    PillHaler® is a patented, single-dose and disposable, inhalation device for the administration of inhalable dry powder (DPI). The PillHaler® device can be use for different types of products formulated as a dry powder. 
  • Product MediDrink Pulmo

    MediDrink Pulmo was specially designed for pulmonology patients’ (COPD, CF) nutrition to support respiratory function and faster recovery, containing L-carnitin, MCT, Omega-3 and increased level of vitamins C, D, E. 
  • Product PillHaler®

    Inhalation device 

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