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  • Product OTC and MD dossiers

    A list of regulatory OTC dossiers compliant with European regulations and in CTD structure (NEES-eCTD) is available. These dossiers are ready to be audited by clients and to be submitted for registration to Health Authorities. We provide support during the registration process until the dossiers are author...

    Olefar® DUO Oil Spray is a fast and efficient treatment for sore throat which reduces inflammation, swelling and pain.
    Olefar® DUO Oil Spray natural composition covers oral cavity and oropharynx. It helps to maintain mucosa moistened and elastic, reduces discomfort and pain, as well as feeling o...
  • Product GardloX Manuislan - throat lozenges with Icelandic lichen, Chondrus crispus, marshmallow extract, d-panthenol, Manuka oil and Manuka honey MGO400 +

    Gardlox Manuislan lozenges

    Innovative product that moisturizes and regenerates the throat.
    Containing a combination of as many as 3 moisturizing ingredients in the maximum doses allowed for use on the mucous membranes of the throat: Icelandic lichen, chondrus crispus and marshmallow ex...
  • Product Apipro oral spray for mouth

    Apipro® oral mouth spray, by creating a protectivefilm, soothes irritated and inflamed throatand reduces irritation of the oral cavity. These aresymptoms that often accompany certain urbanliving conditions, particularly air-conditionedrooms, and almost always cold from differentorigins (flu, viral infectio...
  • Product Mouth and Throat Spray with Trehalose

    Relief & protection in case of allergies and common cold • Helps to reduce typical allergic symptoms in mouth and throat like sore throat or itchy palate • Relieves cold symptoms, such as hoarseness, sore throat, coughing or difficulty in swallowing • Reduces the risk of bacterial and viral infection...

    100, 200 µg + 6mcg pressurized metered dose inhaler | Therapeutic use: Asthma maintenance and COPD reliever therapy

  • Product Microdacyn60 Oral

    Microdacyn60 Oral Care is an electrolysed solution intended for use as an adjuvant for the treatment of mouth and throat infections and the debridement and moistening of mouth lesions that can only heal by secondary intention and thrush. Microdacyn60 Oral Care can be broadly applied within a comprehensive ...
  • Product Gorpils Medicated Lozenges

    Lozenges containing 2,4 dichlorobenzyl alcohol & amylmetacresol
  • Product PillHaler®

    PillHaler® is a patented, single-dose and disposable, inhalation device for the administration of inhalable dry powder (DPI). The PillHaler® device can be use for different types of products formulated as a dry powder. 

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