Throat Preparations

Throat Preparations Companies (5)

Throat Preparations Products (5)

  • Product Apipro oral spray for mouth

    Apipro® oral mouth spray, by creating a protectivefilm, soothes irritated and inflamed throatand reduces irritation of the oral cavity. These aresymptoms that often accompany certain urbanliving conditions, particularly air-conditionedrooms, and almost always cold from differentorigins (flu, viral infection)....

    Olefar® DUO Oil Spray is a fast and efficient treatment for sore throat which reduces inflammation, swelling and pain.
    Olefar® DUO Oil Spray natural composition covers oral cavity and oropharynx. It helps to maintain mucosa moistened and elastic, reduces discomfort and pain, as well as feeling of s...
  • Product Mentocaína (Benzocaine + Tirotricine)

    Active substance(s): Benzocaine + Tirotricine; Pharmaceutical form(s): Lozenges; Strength(s): 2,5 mg + 1,05 mg 
  • Product Ambroxol Tussilene / Dextrometorphan Tussilene

    Ambroxol Tussilene- Active substance(s): Ambroxol; 
    - Pharmaceutical form(s): Syrup; 
    - Strength(s): 6 mg/ml

    Dextrometorphan Tussilene
    - Active substance(s): Dextrometorphan;
    - Pharmaceutical form(s): Oral Solution;
    - S...
  • Product PillHaler®

    PillHaler® is a patented, single-dose and disposable, inhalation device for the administration of inhalable dry powder (DPI). The PillHaler® device can be use for different types of products formulated as a dry powder. 

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