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  • Product Beclomil (Nasal Spray)

    Beclometasone, 50 µG or 100 µG.

    Available in 200 Dose/Bottle.
  • Product e-Lockout

    Aptar Pharma's e-Lockout ensures safe and compliant nasal drug delivery with locking and child-resistant features. It monitors drug amount and timing, enhances patient compliance, and prevents overdosing of potent drugs. EMEA approval obtained.

  • Product Bidose (BDS) System

    Aptar Pharma's Bidose (BDS) is a two-shot, user-friendly nasal delivery device for liquid drugs. This sturdy, self-priming system permits accurate, one-handed operation, enabling non-invasive, systemic drug delivery without the assistance of a healthcare professional.
  • Product Pharmaceutical Systems - Product Portfolio

    Discover our portfolio of solutions for a wide variety of therapeutic areas and settings: from home to hospital through outpatient clinic, and from vaccines to chronic disease treatments through small molecules and specialties, dermal fillers and contrast media… We provide unparalleled parenteral drug d...
  • Product BD Pharmaceutical Services & Solutions - De-risk. Develop. Deliver.

    Discover a comprehensive set of services and solutions designed to mitigate the risks associated with combination product development to help you achieve your goals. These services and solutions help you from development all the way through to launch, including container selection, combination product expe...
  • Product Monodose Nasal System

    Effective singular dosing for reliable care

    Monodose makes treatment easier without the need for medical
    training with its quick intranasal application. It allows for rapid
    distribution directly to the pain source, reducing the side effects when compared to oral or injection altern...
  • Product Azelastine+Fluticasone nasal spray 137/50 mcg/dose

    Relief of symptoms of moderate to severe seasonal and perennial allergic rhinitis if monotherapy with either intranasal antihistamine or glucocorticoid is not considered sufficient.
  • Product Sterile Multidoses

    As a specialist in manufacturing and aseptic filling of non-injectable sterile liquid products, with or without preservatives, Synerlab is always at the forefront of this expertise in order to anticipate market evolutions. Nowadays, it is a key player internationally in eye and eardrops, as well as nasal, ...
  • Product medEctoin Allergy Nasal Spray

    Medical device for treatment and prevention of allergic rhinitis symtoms. • Alleviates allergic symptoms (itchy and runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion)  • Reduces allergen induced inflammations of the nasal mucosa
    • Reduces harmful influences of allergens and airborne particles • ...
  • Product Bactorinol®

    Bactorinol® nasal drops contains Winterized Lentisk Oil a novel ingredient with antibacterial activity, able to disrupt bacterial biofilms to eradicate biofilm-related infections of the upper respiratory tract.

    To be used alone or as add-on therapy to antibiotic therapies.
  • Product spray nasal bottle

    dosage range 0.03~0.2mlvariance +/-10%
  • Product Pumps for nasal applications

    RxPack manufactures a wide range of nasal pumps with different dosages, closure types and pharma materials in a clean room environment. The pumps come with a full regulatory package.

  • Product Integrated technology platform

    An integrated service for inhalation drug products and devices spanning early-stage development to commercial manufacture. Our depth of knowledge means we can overcome the challenges associated with inhalation drug products and devices.
  • Product DataCollector - High performance IT Infrastructure for Manufacturing

    The plus10 DataCollector provides a high-performance data infrastructure for the acquisition and pre-processing of machine data from any source such as sensors, machine or robot controllers. Its simple configuration and implementation transforms machine data into Big Data and creates value through high-fre...
  • Product Phenylephrine HCl (CEP / US-DMF)

    Transo-Pharm Handels-GmbH offers a wide range of products which includes Phenylephrine HCl (CEP / US-DMF). It belongs to API category. Contact us for more information.
  • Product APF Futurity™

    Aptar Pharma's APF Futurity™, the first recyclable nasal spray pump, has been rated as "highly recyclable" by the cyclos-HTP institute in 2022. The spray leverages Aptar's Tip Seal technology suitable for preservative-free formulations, including nasal saline or similar OTC compounds. The design allow...
  • Product VP3 Multi-dose Spray Pump

    Aptar Pharma's VP3 technology platform has been the industry standard for multi-dose nasal sprays for 40+ years, serving as the go-to pump for anti-allergic treatments in originator brands, generics, and local/systemic therapies.
  • Product VP7 Spray Pump

    Aptar Pharma's VP7 platform was developed for nasal and sublingual drug administration, successfully delivering popular prescription drugs globally in Asia, Europe, and the USA.

  • Product APF Advanced Preservative Free

    The Advanced Preservative Free (APF) and APF + pumps are innovative, metal-free dispensing systems for nasal and topical use, providing robust microbiological protection for sensitive formulations. The highly recyclable, all-plastic APF Futurity™ system marks a breakthrough in multidose nasal spray tec...
  • Product CPS Technology Platform

    Aptar Pharma's CPS spray pump offers precise, reliable, and targeted preservative-free nasal drug delivery.

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