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Vivian Xie
28 Sep 2022

MedPharm and Mosanna collaboration to develop novel Metabolic Obstructive Sleep Apnea treatment

A collaboration between development and manufacturing services company MedPharm and biotech company Mosanna aims to develop and deliver a nasal spray treatment for a form of sleep apnea.

Contract topical and transdermal formulation development and manufacturing services company MedPharm (Guildford, UK) have announced their collaboration with Swiss biotech company Mosanna Therapeutics for the development of a nasal spray treatment for Metabolic Obstructive Sleep Apnea (MOSA).

MOSA occurs from the collapsing of the airway during sleep, affecting up to 1 billion individuals worldwide. Adverse metabolic and cardiovascular events are associated with both repeated partial and/or complete obstruction of the upper airway during sleep. This can often lead to a severe impact on the quality of life of those who suffer from the disease. Currently, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is the most common method of treating MOSA. With up to 30% of patients not tolerating this form of treatment, these individuals have few pharmaceutical options available.  

The development of the MOS-118 nasal spray by Mosanna functions by preventing airway collapse during sleep. The collaboration of Mosanna with MedPharm aims at precisely engineering a product that can deliver MOS-118 in a nasal spray form, acting locally in the upper airway overnight. Proprietary nasal testing models from MEdPharm will optimize the formulation and delivery of the product into the nasal cavitiy.  

MedPharm President and CEO, Eugene Ciolgi, commented on the collaboration: “MedPharm’s primary mission is to support the development of life-changing therapeutics, and Mosanna’s nasal spray is a promising opportunity to do just that. We are excited to work with their team of experienced industry leaders to realise MOS-118's potential with the end goal of imrpoving the quality of life for those living with Metabolit Obstructive Sleep Apnea.” 

Jonathan Talbot, CEO of Mosanna, added: “MedPharm is world-renowned for its dermal and transdermal capabilities including intranasal delivery routes, so [it] was a clear first choice for this project. I am also excited by the potential this partnership creates for additional projects on the horizon for Mosanna.” 

Vivian Xie
Editor - Custom Content

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