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21 Oct 2013

Bosch Presents Flexible Laboratory and Capsule Filling Equipment

Bosch Packaging Technology, a leading supplier of processing and packaging solutions for liquid and solid pharmaceuticals, showcases a selection of laboratory devices for granulating, mixing, tablet pressing and capsule filling operations at Pharmtech in Moscow, 25–28 November 2013.


The two product brands Hüttlin and Manesty have been part of the Bosch Packaging Technology portfolio since 2011. The final step of the integration process involved migrating all Manesty services into the worldwide network of Bosch Packaging Services. From its extensive range of standard and tailor-made services, Bosch showcases the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) consulting service.


Process Technology for Small Batch Sizes

Hüttlin GmbH based in Schopfheim, Germany, presents laboratory units for the processing of small batch sizes. The smallest high-shear mixer granulator in the laboratory equipment range, Hüttlin Mycromix, handles batches from 0.05 to 4 kg. The mixing device Hüttlin Gentlewing, which is also on show, ensures highly homogenous mixing qualities for granules. All processes can be easily transferred to production equipment via scale-up. The exhibited fluid bed system Hüttlin Pilotlab allows for an extreme flexibility from 4 to 50 kg. With its multiple features such as scale-up software and a pneumatic discharging system, the device can be used for small size production or as an intermediate step from laboratory towards production. On request, the fluid bed system is also available as in-line solution with the Pilotmix high-shear mixer granulator.

Future-Proof Capsule Filling Operations

The future-proof and modular capsule filling concept, developed in Waiblingen, Germany, is also on display in Moscow. An exemplary model shows how the flexible platform is able to adapt to all current and future filling needs. The 'mini-bowl' module, for instance, is used for small product batches in the development phase and can be easily scaled-up to production conditions. The liquid station enables precise temperature control while filling liquids into capsules. Powder filling is conducted with the proven stamping station. The micro-dosing module allows for gentle and accurate filling of very small powder quantities, while the 'slide-gate' system of the filling station significantly increases batch yield and product flexibility.


Services from a Single Source

Bosch’s Pharmtech display is rounded out by an extensive range of after-sales services. The integration of all Manesty service activities into the worldwide Bosch network now offers customers comprehensive support for their Manesty equipment as well as other Bosch machines from a single source. Manesty pre-owned equipment is also part of the Bosch Packaging Services portfolio. In Russia, customers can now refer to a local point of contact in the Moscow-based service sales office.

The OEE consulting service from Bosch Packaging Services supports customers in detecting process-disturbing factors, such as downtime, low machine output and product waste. Bosch specialists work closely with manufacturers throughout the consultation and contribute their expertise and technical know-how to ensure productivity and profits are optimized in the long-term.

Bosch Packaging Technology’s portfolio for the pharmaceutical industry further includes single units, systems and complete solutions for process technology of sterile liquids and powders. It also comprises primary packaging for sterile fill & finish operations and solid dosage forms, secondary packaging as well as inspection technology, qualification, validation and services.

The technologies from Bosch are on display at Pharmtech 2013 in Moscow, pavilion 75, booth D108, from 25–28 November 2013.

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