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Founded in 1952, Bottu Pharmaceuticals ranks first among Moroccan laboratories in volume with more than 45 Million units produced per year, and a capacity of of 60 Million units per year. Bottu masters the latest technologies related to Drug Manufacture and respects of the highest quality standards. Besides Marketing its own portfolio of Generic products, Bottu markets products under License Agree...

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  • 2015
    On CPHI since
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  • 82 all�e des Casuarinas, ain sebaa, Casablanca, 1, Moracco, Morocco

Products from bottu S.A (3)

  • Alyse

    Product Alyse

    API: Pregabaline
    Dosage form: Capsules - 25mg Box of 56, 75mg Box of 56, 150mg Box of 56 and 300mg Box of 56
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  • Anglor

    Product Anglor

    API: Amlodipine
    Dosage form: Tablets - 5mg Box of 28 and 10mg Box of 28
    Therapeutic class: cardiology - metabolism
    Indication: angor vasospastique (prinzmetal's syndrome)
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  • Boiron Product Range

    Product Boiron Product Range

    Products: Arnigel, Avenoc, Cicaderma, Homeoplasmine, Occillococcinome, Stodal, Sedatif PC
    Therapeutic class: Homeopathy

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