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Cafosa, a subsidiary of the MARS group, is the world's leading supplier of gum base, chewing gum's main ingredient. Cafosa dedicates its activity to the confectionery, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industry. 

Cafosa Health is a separate business unit dedicated specifically to the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industry. Cafosa Health's vision is to develop t...

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  • Cafosa Health Business model

    Product Cafosa Health Business model

    Cafosa Health, the business unit dedicated to the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical business offers you different solutions to launch functional and medicated gum, from product development to final production and also analytical, stability and clinical studies.

    Depending on your neces...
  • Oral probiotic chewing gum

    Product Oral probiotic chewing gum

    Cafosa Oral Probiotic Gum is made with specific probiotic strains which act on oral flora, balancing the specific bacteria that can cause most common oral pathologies: gingivitis, inflammation, cavities and halitosis. Its effectiveness is supported by a clinical oral colonization study of AB-DENTALAC®...
  • Sore Throat Chewing Gum

    Product Sore Throat Chewing Gum

    Chewing gum with benzocaine and chlorhexidine for the  local symptomatic relief of mild infections of the mouth and throat combined with pain and no fever. Antiseptic action and analgesic properties.

    Dossiers underway in various countries.

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  • Brochure Oral probiotic chewing gum

    The future of oral heath lies in prevention. Cafosa's proposal is chewing gum with patented strains of oral probiotic in order to improve the buccal microbiota and help prevent the most common oral problems.