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CALTRON is in it's 19th year of successful functioning. Caltron has over the years gain it's recognition and reputation of being a world class manufacturer of natural calcium sources. A company proudly boasts of an exhaustive lists of quality certifications which includes ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, HACCP, HALAL, KOSHER, VEGAN, ECOCERT ORGANIC, SMETA 4 pillar, WHO-GMP compliant and DUNS registered company. Our commitment to quality product is reflected by our tag line "A compliment to Supplement". Having a Corporate office in Mumbai, India and 2 manufacturing sites in India, Caltron also has a marketing branch office in Wyoming USA. Caltron also has under offering various other natural sources of minerals, chelated minerals, Natural Cosmetic ingredient to cater to a wide array of customers. 

Caltron is an Elixir to Life.  

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Products from Caltron Clays & Chemicals Private Limited



    Caltron is the leading manufacturer of Algae Calcium Powder in India marketed by the brand name “VEGCAL”. Caltron has developed this specific grade with intention of competing globally with the best available calcium sources in the world. Caltron's Algae Calcium Powder is manufactured using best available algae plants. Keeping thorough checks at every stage of production from raw material procurement till material leaves our plant. We provide most authentic Algae calcium Powder in the country. Our Algae calcium is a mild greenish in colour having other plant nutrients like magnesium, crude protein, carbohydrates.Owing to our deep expertise and knowledge in the pharma field for more than 2 decades and our continuous R&D we have developed this Algae Calcium Powder in India. Our product is produced using best algae weeds. We have 2 grades of algae calcium (Lithothamnion & Chlorophyta). Both have their unique characteristics and advantages


    Caltron's Coral Calcium Powder "AQUACAL" is manufactured by using dead coral reefs found on the seashore. This exceptional complex of fossilized coral calcium is naturally enriched with an abundance of trace minerals that allow for effortless absorption and optimal utilization. Extreme care is used when processing this nutrient rich macro-mineral to assure ideal calcium content, low heavy metal ratios, and zero irradiation/radioactivity.Coral is created by a small tiny creature by ingesting ionic ocean minerals and secreting them into a coral formation, eventually producing a coral reef. These ionic ocean coral reefs contains 74 organic minerals which are harvested from above sea coral deposits and crushed into an ultra-fine powder. The natural balance of all these 74 minerals is important necessary as, each mineral works hand in hand with other minerals to respectively perform their numerous functions. Coral has a natural ability of getting ionised when it comes in contact with moisture. This ability combined with full spectrum of trace minerals present, makes Coral highly & easily absorbable form of Calcium, which is liked & demanded by many Pharma Giants throughout the world.It is this fiborous nature and Bio-availability that makes CORAL CALCIUM, the undisputed king of calcium source.


    Caltron has newly developed this another natural source of calcium carbonate derived from Egg Shells. This product is an excellent replacement to the mined source of calcium as the latter being natural provides superior calcium absorption in the body without any side effects. The egg shells used goes through high level of cleaning and sterilization process which ensure maximum purity. Manufactured at a WHO-GMP compliant facility. 


    Caltron’s Marine Magnesium Salt (Marin-Mag) is derived from cold water which is extracted from the salty waters of the Indian Ocean and contains all the different natural forms of Magnesium including oxides, hydroxides and carbonates facilitating better assimilation in the body.The magnesium salt derived is pure and we proclaim nothing else is added to this natural magnesium salt. Marine magnesium is produce using evaporation and cold water extraction technique.Magnesium quality depends not only on source and elemental Mg content, but also on its bioavailability – that is the ability of magnesium to be absorbed and utilised by the body.Trace Marine MineralsMarin-Mag contains more than 70 trace minerals. These trace minerals are gained from its marine source. Although the additional elements contained are in trace quantities and are insignificant alone, however it helps maximum Magnesium being absorbed by the body
  • Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite Complex (MCHC) Ossein Mineral Complex

    Product Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite Complex (MCHC) Ossein Mineral Complex

    We manufacture high quality Ossein Mineral Complex (MCHC) under our brand name "ORGACAL" which is dervied from BSE free bovine bones. All our raw material is collected from government approved slaughter houses. We are HALAL certified and ISO 9001, HACCP, FSSC 22000, WHO-GMP certified company. 



    Caltron is the manufacturer of a specially designed product for cosmetic Industry under the brand name “Aqua-Sil”. This granular looking snow white natural salt is used as a scrubbing agent in face wash and body scrub. Unlike other types of scrubbing agent, our product “Aqua-Sil” gets easily suspended in the mixture and owing to its high whiteness, it can be mixed with any formulation.Aqua-Sil is a natural salt derived from marine. This product is further beneficiated and purified into snow-white free flowing granules which is ideal for preparing a scrub based formula. Aqua-Sil is natural and so is safe for the skin. It gives a good scrubbing experience thereby cleaning up most of the skin pores. Caltron's “Aqua-Sil” scrub granules are available in the unique size which gives good scrubbing results. We have developed this product indigenously considering the demands of the cosmetic Industries. 


    Caltron's oyster shell calcium carbonate is marketed under their brand name MARINCAL. Caltron is one of the reputed manufacturers of Oyster Shell Calcium Carbonate. We offer the most authentic and purest form of oyster shell calcium powder. The shells procured by us undergo stringent quality checks and proper processing to make it highly acceptable in the Healthcare Industry. We are also one of the largest exporter of oyster shell calcium carbonate powder in India. The Oyster shells that we use in making of our oyster shell calcium carbonate powder are considered the best quality and we try to maintain our quality standards without compromising on anything. We can cater to huge quantity demands by domestic and International markets. Calcium is one of the most important and demanded mineral by the body. 
  • Calcium Carbonate IP/BP/USP/EP

    Product Calcium Carbonate IP/BP/USP/EP

    Caltron manufactures high quality and highest purity Calcium Carbonate in India. The product is manufactured under strict GMP conditions laid down by the WHO. This product has acquired many global certifications and recognitions. 
  • Calcium Oxide & Calcium Hydroxide Pre Treated with heated Algae

    Product Calcium Oxide & Calcium Hydroxide Pre Treated with heated Algae

    Caltron has developed this unique product which is also called as Elemental Calcium. This product is famous worldwide and now is available for offering in India. The product is designed to provide highest calcium absorption to the body.