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Cambridge Design Partnership is a technology and product design partner focused on helping clients grow their businesses. Our experts in engineering, human factors and industrial design offer a unique end-to-end service – from front-end innovation, through design and development, to manufacturing. As specialists certified to ISO 13485/9001, we can ensure your next product is user focused and commercially effective – optimising the value of your investment in innovation. Our Potential Realised process creates concepts based on evidence from stakeholders – and then minimises time to market and development cost through expert technical realisation programmes.

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Products from Cambridge Design Partnership

  • Smart pill

    Product Smart pill

    A team from Cambridge Design Partnership has created a ground-breaking ‘smart pill’ to gather crucial nutritional information during digestion. The electronic pill contains a sensor which knows when it has left the acidity of the stomach and entered the first part of the intestine. When it is correctly located the pill opens and takes a food sample, using a miniature piston-type mechanism. The pill then closes, to contain and protect the sample as the pill moves through the remainder of digestion.

  • Voke

    Product Voke

    The team from Cambridge Design Partnership has helped the Voke product gain a CE mark through provision of design optimisation, design verification testing (including test method creation and validation) and design validation work. The Voke product delivers a pharmaceutical nicotine formulation to the lungs as an aerosol released from the device via a breath-operated valve.

Cambridge Design Partnership Resources

  • News CPhI Webinar Series: Latest Approaches for Large Volume Drug Delivery

    Innovation in the design and development of large volume drug delivery devices can solve the challenge of accommodating the increasing trend towards patient self-administration and home care while at the same time ensuring that drugs that require intravenous administration are delivered correctly and safely.
  • News Eliminating user error from inhaler-based clinical studies

    With inhaler use notoriously prone to user error, any clinical study that involves self-administration via an inhaler is challenging from the outset. Help is at hand, however, with a simple-but-smart device developed by Cambridge Design Partnership