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Cambridge Isotope Laboratories Inc is the world leader in the manufacture and separation of stable isotopes and stable isotope labeled compounds. CIL offers an array of highly pure compounds that are uniformly or selectively enriched in 13C, 15N, D, 18O or 17O. CIL offers over 15,000 stable-isotope labeled products for use as internal standards and in synthetic applications, including the manufacturing of APIs. CIL maintains one of the only privately held (non-governmental) D2O re-enrichment facilities at our isotope separation facility to further ensure continuous supply of D2O for manufacturing. CIL’s capabilities range from milligram to multi-kilogram of deuterated reagents and intermediates. In addition, cGMP suites for manufacturing clinical trial grade materials (CTM) are also available.

  • Stable isotope labeled internal standards
  • Deuterated intermediates and API’s
  • Deuterated solvents, amino acids, carbohydrates, fatty acids, steroids, metabolites, vitamins, environmental standards
  • Heavy-Labeled Proteins
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