We are among the European leaders in the production of soda ash and sodium bicarbonate. Our offer also includes salt, plant protection products, epoxy and polyester resins, polyurethane foams, silicates and glass packaging. Our products have applications in a variety of industries and areas of life, including healthcare, pharmaceutical, food industry as well as chemical, glass, and furniture indus...

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Products from CIECH (3)

  • Sobic Food

    Product Sobic Food

    Sobic Food, sodium bicarbonate, is a multipurpose ingredient commonly used in bakery and confectionary industry as raising and leavening agent as well as pH buffer and effervescent agent in beverages.
  • Sobic Health Care

    Product Sobic Health Care

    Sobic Health Care, sodium bicarbonate, is a product used in the growing environment of kidney dialysis and other serious care treatments. The CIECH group is a manufacturer of high purity bicarbonate which complies to the latest European Pharmacopoeia and United States Pharmacopoeia It further used in a var...
  • Soda Ash

    Product Soda Ash

    Soda Ash, an inorganic chemical compound which finds a wide application in many branches of industry such as ingredient for pharmaceutical preparations.