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  • Product Excipients

    Actylis, through its recent acquisitions, has become a leading global GMP excipients manufacturer to the life sciences industry, offering our customers a broad portfolio of excipients. Our excipients are currently employed in vaccines, injectables, dermal, transdermal, topical and solid dosage finishe...
  • Product Functional ingredients

    Bioavailability enhancers
    Our drug facilitators target and enhance bioavailability to help support the activity of your active ingredients.

    Our antioxidants can be used to improve the stability of your pharmaceutical formulation. In addition, due to their role in suppressi...
  • Product Beta-Carotene

    Dsm innosyn offers wide range of products which includes beta-carotene. Feature: it is a member of the carotenoid family: highly pigmented (red, orange and yellow), fat-soluble compounds found in many fruits, grains, oils, and vegetables. It is also used extensively as a colorant in food, beverage and phar...

    odium croscarmellose is an internally cross-linked sodium carboxymethylcellulose for use as a superdisintegrant in pharmaceutical formulations.
  • Product Excipients

    Excipients play several key roles in the formulation of all pharmaceuticals. Excipients help guarantee the stability and bioavailability of the API, enhance the safety and function of the drug product during usage or storage, assist in the delivery of the drug, can improve texture and taste, and should be ...
  • Product Octanoic Acid (BP, Ph. Eur., USP-NF) pure, pharma grade code BH2786
  • Product Sunvidone ®K/Povidone K series

    Huzhou sunflower pharmacetuical co. Ltd offers a wide range of products which includes povidone  K series. Feature: it is an aqueous solution of synthetic polymer compound is n vinyl pyrrolidone polymers are linear. It is white to milky white amorphous powder, having a bulk density of 0.4 to 0.6; odor...
  • Product Colors from Nature

    Consumers often hear conflicting information about how to make healthy choices, but one message that they understand, loud and clear, is that artificial colors often aren't the best choice. ”No artificial colors is a package claim consumers along the entire spectrum of health consciousness feel good about...
  • Product Canthaxanthin

    Dsm innosyn offers wide range of products which includes canthaxanthin. Feature: it is used as a colorant in food, beverage and pharmaceutical preparations where it imparts an orange-red to red color shade. Contact us for more information.
  • Product OPTISHARP® Natural Zeaxanthin

    Dsm innosyn offers wide range of products which includes optisharp® natural zeaxanthin. Feature: it is a structural isomer that belongs the carotenoids family. Carotenoids are synthesized by plants for coloration and absorption of light. Of the 600-plus carotenoids found in nature, only two - zeaxanthin an...
  • Product AstaSana™

    Dsm innosyn offers wide range of products which includes astasana™. Feature: it is a carotenoid with unique cell membrane antioxidant functions. According to a growing body of scientific evidence, astaxanthin plays a role in supporting eye and heart health. Astaxanthin is not made in the human body and is ...
  • Product microcrystalline cellulose AMCELL SPRAY DRIED

    PH 101 PH 102 PH 112 PH 200 PH 105 PH 103 PH 301 PH 12 PH 14 ALL SPRAY DRIED
  • Product Sodium Hydroxide solution 50% w/w CODE 192404
  • Product Tris (Hydroxymethyl) Aminomethane (USP, BP, Ph. Eur.) low in endotoxins pure, pharma grade CODE Z41940
  • Product Guanosine low endotoxin, pure grade CODE Z46543
  • Product Sunvidone ® CL/Crospovidone Type A and Type B

    CRACTERISTICSSUNVIDONE CL series are supplied as fine white or almost white powders. They have a slight characteristic odour and are practically tasteless. They are insoluble in all the usual solvents.
    SUNVIDONE CL series possess a number of useful properties for pharmaceutical products...
  • Product sodium copper chlorophyllin

    Details:1) Dark green powder 2) Easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol and chloroform 3) Water solution: transparent jade green, without sediment

    Application:It is a natural green pigment for food, drink, medicine, daily chemicals. Also can be used as the medicine material , ...
  • Product copper chlorophyll (oil soluble chlorophyll)

    Specification:1) Dark green 2) Insoluble in water 3) Easily soluble in ethyl ether, benzene, white oil as well as other organic solvents; without sediment.

    Application:As a natural green pigment. Mainly used in daily-use chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals , and the foodstuff  industry.

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