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Comi Polaris is a global leader in customized separation technologies, offering a complete line of filtering centrifuges; filter and vacuum dryers; and VOC / solvent recovery systems. We offer our clients the ability to design and build completely customized equipment engineered to their specification. Comi Polaris is proud to be an OEM with in-house fabrication, production, and assembly, whi...

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Products from Comi Polaris Systems, Inc. (3)

  • Starch Peeler Centrifuge

    Product Starch Peeler Centrifuge

    Ideal for native and modified starches such as corn, wheat, potato, rice, tapioca, etc. • Rotary Siphon • Backwashable basket • Front skimming pipe • Cake peeling at full rotational speed • Laser cake detector • Heel regeneration with backwash • Sizes range from 1250mm diameter to 2000mm diameter
  • Chemical Peeler Centrifuge

    Product Chemical Peeler Centrifuge

    Comi Polaris systems inc offers a wide range of machine which includes chemical peeler centrifuge. it belongs to filtering centrifuge category. Features: it is designed for high-throughput industrial liquid or solid separation applications. Rotary siphon, backwashable basket, front skimming pipe, cake...
  • Conical Helix Vacuum Dryer

    Product Conical Helix Vacuum Dryer

    Comi polaris systems inc offers wide range of machineries which includes conical helix vacuum dryer. it belongs to filter / vacuum drying category. Features: its central shaft helical dryer designed for the pharmaceutical, fine chemical and api manufacturing drying processes. Optional thermal fluid heated ...

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