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  • Product Biopharmaceutical Facility

    Commercial Cell Culture Suite w/Primary capture              Total area 650 m2

    ·        Small scale cultivation grade C, large scale and primary capture grade D

  • Product Diluents for Reconstitution

    Baxter (BioPharma Solutions) offers a wide range of traditional sterile manufacturing products which includes diluents for reconstitution. It offer both customer and patient benefits. When compared to vials, they can enhance and improve patient safety such as less steps for reconstitution; reduced contamin...
  • Product Liquid Vials

    Baxter (BioPharma Solutions) offers a wide range of traditional sterile manufacturing products which includes liquid vials. It can helps clients to meet developmental, clinical, and commercial liquid vial manufacturing needs. High-volume filling and multiple, dedicated vial-filling suites allow to expand p...
  • Product Oral syringe bottle adapters

    Press-in bottle adapters allow for increased dosing accuracy. Available in various sizes, they fit securely in any bottle with a corresponding opening size. The adapters allow a user to easily draw liquid, ensuring accurate dosing while avoiding spills; they fit flush with the bottle opening so that the or...
  • Product Consultation to enter Japanese Pharma and Medtech industry

    Together with our own device design and development expertise, we have confidence in offering throughout medical device development capability to support our clients going in and out of Japan for bigger and promising success.
    Aiming to become your No.1 gate way for Japanese pharma and medtech industry...
  • Product MID-Parts

    MID(Molded Interconnect Device)-Parts are plastic parts enhanced with an electronic function. MID-Technology can reduce the amount of parts used, help with compactness, bring interconnectability or raise the integration-density.
  • Product COLD & FLU SYRUP 100, 200ml

    A dietary supplement with ingredients supporting the natural clearing of the respiratory tract, the health of the respiratory system and breathing comfort.

    It contains a carefully selected composition of plant extracts to support the optimum functioning of the respiratory ...

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