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Corel Pharma Chem is the nest generation polymer technologist in the field of the “Acrylic” based specialty polymers. We are the first company in Asia and second in the world to manufacture Methacrylic based specialty polymers for pharmaceutical applications. We made our beginning with enteric coating and sustain release polymers in the year of 1990. Headquartered at Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India), we are active in more than 60 countries around the world standing strongly on the pillars of technical expertise, customized solutions, best quality products and services. Supported with an indigenous t...

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  • Corel House, Near Shayona Marble, Opposite Bhagwat Petrol Pump, Sarkhej - Gandhinagar Highway, Gota, 382481, Ahmedabad, India
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Products from Corel Pharma Chem (5)

  • Acrycoat® Methacrylic Acid Copolymer

    Product Acrycoat® Methacrylic Acid Copolymer

    Acrycoat® family of polymers are Methacrylic acid copolymers type A, B & C which confirms to USP/NF, EP and JP specification.

    Immediate Release: The Immediate release series work in wide application range which includes tablet binding, taste masking, odor masking and provi...
  • Colorcoat® Ready To Use Coating Material

    Product Colorcoat® Ready To Use Coating Material

    Colorcoat® is one step, pre-blended ready to use coating material comprising of pharmaceutically accepted polymers, opacifiers, pigments and plasticizers and is optimized to be compatible with any coating equipment.
    Colorcoat® range is available in clear, white and in various color shades offe...
  • Kyron T-314® Polacrilin Potassium

    Product Kyron T-314® Polacrilin Potassium

    Kyron T-314® is  a high purity polymer used in pharmaceutical formulations as a super fast disintegrant as well as dissolution improver in solid dosage forms like tablets, capsules, pellets etc. It is available in white free flowing powder hence it is suitable for the both wet granulation as w...
  • Kyron® Taste Masking Polymer

    Product Kyron® Taste Masking Polymer

     Kyron® taste masking range is  used in pharmaceutical industry for masking of bitter drugs and drug stabilization.

    Taste masked complex of bitter drug can be used for following formulations
    • Suspension • Dry syrup • Mouth dissolving tablet / Dispersible tablet /...
  • Acrypol® Carbomer

    Product Acrypol® Carbomer

    Acrypol® serves to be used in oral solid and liquid dosage forms, topical applications, bio adhesive formulations and bulk laxatives etc.

    The polymer provide the following functionality in the Pharmaceutical applications.

    • Control drug release
    • Rheology Modfiers • Sus...