Daewon Pharm, established in 1958, specializes in manufacturing prescription drugs (Finished Products). It is especially strong in R&D focusing on NCE and IMD. In 2013, Daewon recorded 160 Million USD of total sales turnover. Daewon is exporting its ETC and OTC products over 30 countries including emerging markets such as China and Russia. Our team is dedicated to supporting our partners in every aspect. Daewon's representative products are as follows: Pelubi Tab (Pelubiprofen, NCE, NSAID Type), Megex-I ES Susp (Megestrol Acetate), Wontran ER Tab. (Acetaminophen + Tramadol), Oramin-F Cap. (Multi-vitamin + Korean Ginseng), and Propofol MCT-LCT Inj.

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Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Asia; Australia; North America; Africa; Central/South America

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