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Dalchem operates on the world market of fine chemicals since 1997. Dalchem manufactures organophosphorus and organometallic chemicals (binaphthyl and biphenyl phosphine ligands, cyclopentadienyl derivatives) in kilo-lab scale up to 3000 kg/year. Usage of stainless steel reactors with capacity 20 lt (56 pcs), 65 lt (17 pcs) and 100 lt (44 pcs), allow to carry syntheses in temperature interval from -70 to +200°C. Short path distillation plant (VTA) is used for some distilling processes. We’re experienced in work with air-, moisture-sensitive and pyrophoric organometallic compounds. 2 GloveBoxes PureLab (Inert Corp.) are used for packaging of air- and moisture sensitive materials. We use Huber Unistats (151W, 520W, 910W) (22 pcs) and Huber Unichillers (UC210Tw-4) (14 pcs) to carry process in a wide temperature interval. Dalchem rents in total about 6000 m2/65000 sq.ft. by the end of 2016. All products pass Multifactorial Quality Control, allowing to reach the highest purity of products.

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