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Difass International is a company that works on the design, development, and promotion of Medical Devices, Nutraceuticals, Cosmetics, and Food for Special Medical Purposes, with over 25 years of experience in the Italian market. Offering its regulatory, manufacturing, scientific and marketing expertise to partners and distributors abroad. Difass International is always lo...

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  • Dibuzin®

    Product Dibuzin®

    Indications: DIibuzin®, food for special medical purposes with Calcium butyrate, Zinc and Vitamin D, has to be used under medical supervision and is designed for the diet treatment of cholopathies with impaired mucosal trophism.Gluten free. Suitable for people intolerant to lactose.

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  • Prother®

    Product Prother®

    Clinically proven FSMP
    Indications: Prother® is a hyperproteic food for special medical purposes, constituted of undenaturated whey proteins with high biological value (DIF16WPI®*). The intake of whey proteins with hign biological value is particulary useful in the nutritional tre...
  • Levareflux®

    Product Levareflux®

    Indications: LEVAREFLUX® is a product based on Macrocystis pyrifera, L-Carnosine and Zinc, with sodium alginate, sodium bicarbonate and calcium carbonate. Macrocystis pyrifera is a seaweed naturally containing iodine which favors th...

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