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Difass International is a research-driven Italian company with more than 25 years of experience, specialized in the design, development and sale of Food Supplements, Foods for Special Medical Purposes, Medical Devices and Cosmetics. Difass develops and sells, directly or through distributors, first- class products supported by clinical trials and patents. Difass wants to get in contact with companies interested in licensing-in opportunities.

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Products from Difass International (5)

  • Dibuzin®

    Product Dibuzin®

    Indications: DIibuzin®, food for special medical purposes with Calcium butyrate, Zinc and Vitamin D, has to be used under medical supervision and is designed for the diet treatment of cholopathies with impaired mucosal trophism.Gluten free. Suitable for people intolerant to lactose.

    How to use: It...
  • Prother®

    Product Prother®

    Clinically proven FSMP
    Indications: Prother® is a hyperproteic food for special medical purposes, constituted of undenaturated whey proteins with high biological value (DIF16WPI®*). The intake of whey proteins with hign biological value is particulary useful in the nutritional treatm...
  • Microvenil® Procto

    Product Microvenil® Procto

    Patented and Clinically proven CE MEDICAL DEVICE (CLASS IIa)

    Indications: Microvenil® Procto is a proctological cream with Repenil* for the treatment of anal discomfort. It favors the resolution of unpleasant sensations like itching, burning and pain, which are typical of hemorrhoidal ...
  • Resoflux®

    Product Resoflux®

    Indications: Resoflux is a medical device that combines in a single formulation compounds  with antacid and anti-reflux action, for the management of the characteristic symptoms of gastro-esophageal and laryngo-pharyngeal reflux. It acts thanks to the prese...
  • Neotherm® spray

    Product Neotherm® spray

    Indications: Neotherm spray is a medical device indicated for the treatment of symptoms of colds, sinusitis, rhinitis and inflammation of the upper airways designed for adults and children. Its natural formulation has been designed to protect the respiratory tract and...

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