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Ecobliss offers various packaging solutions amongst which medical packaging, clinical trial or commercial stage cold seal wallets for blisters and patented, award winning child resistant Locked4Kids packaging, certified ISO8317 and/or US16 CFR1700.20 which is rated F=1. Locked4Kids is child resistant, easy accessible for seniors and can be customized for different applications.  Ecobliss offers a wide range of secondary packaging services for clinical trials and commercial supply. From small to large batches, in our GMP packaging facility.

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Products from Ecobliss

  • Sealing machines and packaging for pharmaceutical and medical device applications

    Product Sealing machines and packaging for pharmaceutical and medical device applications

    Ecobliss and its partner Starview manufacture innovative customized packaging and sealing machines for pharmaceutical and medical applications. These machines are available in a wide range of varieties and highly adaptable. They are available in heat seal and cold seal versions, manual and (semi-) automatic and shuttle, rotary and inline versions. Many options are available to make them meet customer’s requirements. At the stand cold sealing of wallets will be demonstrated. Furthermore the latest developments of Locked4Kids - our child resistant packaging (ISO/EN 8317 and US16 CFR 1700.20 F1 certified) are displayed. Learn more about the possibilities we have to offer and visit us at Pharmapack booth J33 in Paris and CPhI booth 6B83 Milan!
  • Ecobliss Pharmaceutical Wallets

    Product Ecobliss Pharmaceutical Wallets

    In the pharmaceutical, healthcare and medical industry, wallets are commonly used for clinical trials, promotion and commercial packaging. Wallets are sealed around blisters that contain tablets or any other product. The advantage of using wallets is that the information, printed on the wallet, always stays with the product itself unlike in the case of folding boxes where the information about the contents is often lost after separating from the box. Blister wallets are adaptable to the amount of printed information required for the application and even a booklet can be incorporated into the wallet design. Cold seal wallets have the benefit of an extremely simple and reliable sealing process. Only one parameter is required to get a perfect sealed package and that is pressure. Cold sealing is a more sustainable sealing technique where the absence of heat is a unique feature that can benefit critical packaging processes where variations in temperature should be avoided. Learn more about the possibiities we have to offer and visit us at booth J33 in Paris and booth 6B83 Milan!
  • Locked4Kids Child Resistant Packaging

    Product Locked4Kids Child Resistant Packaging

    Locked4Kids is the world’s first child resistant reclosable carton box. It's extremely difficult, but at the same time fascinating to create something that is so simple, inexpensive and easy to produce and at the same time easy to use for everyone… except of course for little children.There is a growing trend towards packaging tablets and capsules in a blister strip first and then in a retail carton. A blister warrants the integrity of tablets and capsules much better than a bottle. Cartons are the best and the most economical solution to package, but - until now - the only option to package blisters in a child resistant way, is by using all kinds of specialty packaging available in the market. Certification Extensive testing with children in the age of 42-51 months as well as adults between 50 and 70 years old has been executed in the development of Locked4Kids, and amazing results were achieved. Mid 2014 Ecobliss managed to get certification on three different sizes of cartons and with that we got a range certificate, meaning that all cartons between the smallest and largest tested carton could be mass produced, without the need for re-certification. After this certification Locked4Kids was introduced to the market. How does it work ? The carton has 2 small openings which are located on the side walls, diagonally across, at a distance that is hard to cover by little children’s fingers, but easy for adults. A plastic tray slides into the carton and 2 hooks in the shape of fishing hooks lock the tray every time when its fully inserted. By pressing the hooks simultaneously, the tray unlocks and can be pulled out.  All components - tray, carton and blisters - have been designed in a way that the parts stay connected when the packaging is opened by the consumer.
  • Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging

    Product Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging

    If you have special requirements for the packaging of your products, but you don't want to get lost in the 'high volume' market that is available, it may be a good idea to contact Ecobliss Pharma. In our GMP packaging rooms, we provide secondary packaging of all different dosage forms into wallets, Child Resistant Packaging, kit packages and other 'out of the ordinary' packaging types. Clinical trials, commercial supply, orphan drugs, there are many products that require special attention. Learn more about the possibiities we have to offer and visit us at booth J28 in Paris and booth 6B83 Milan!

Ecobliss Resources

  • News Ecobliss and sustainability

    Ecobliss attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility and sustainable business. Not only through CO2 neutral energy policy, but also through large-scale digitisation to reduce paper use to a minimum, the conscious handling of waste flows through strict waste separation but also in the personnel policy by offering job opportunities to people who are at a distance from the labor market.

  • Video The Smart Source

    Ecobliss Blisterproducts, Your Smart Source for Blister and High Visibility Packaging
  • News For Ecobliss, sustainability is an important issue

    The head office of Ecobliss in the Netherlands is 100% CO2 neutral. All the need for energy is being generated by the 550 solar panels on the roof of the building, providing more than enough energy for lighting, cooling, heating and other energy needs.
  • Video Pharmaceutical Wallets

    Features of pharmaceutical wallets
  • Video Locked4Kids - a short demo

    This video demonstrates how our Locked4Kids carton can be used to pack pharmaceutical products is and how difficult it is for children to open but yet easy fort seniors
  • Video How it's done

    Watch the item about Ecobliss which was broadcasted in the dutch television show 'How it's done', where companies can talk about their business activities and innovations.