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Fermion develops, manufactures and markets active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to companies in global generic market as well as under exclusive contracts to companies focusing on new chemical entities (NCEs). Fermion is fully owned subsidiary of Orion Corporation and headquartered in Espoo, Finland. Together with Orion we are a fully integrated contract development and manufacturing o...

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  • Alprazolam

    Product Alprazolam

    Appearance: Physical state is crystalline. Colour: White. Odour: Odourless. Water solubility: Almost insoluble. Fat solubility: Soluble in ethanol, chloroform. Storage: Keep containertightly closed. Store in a well ventilated place. Store in a dedicated drug storage. Standard packing sizes (kg): 20.
  • Azathioprine

    Product Azathioprine

    Appearance: Physical state is crystalline. Colour: Nearly white. Odour: Odourless. Water solubility: Insoluble. Storage: Keep cool. Store in a dry place. Keep container tightly closed.Protect from moisture. Protect from sunlight. Standard packing sizes (kg): 20.
  • Benserazide

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