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Fertin Pharma is a leading CDMO for innovative, consumer-friendly pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. With our extensive experience with OTC, homeopathic and dietary supplement products, together with our heritage from the confectionery industry, we specialize in developing tasty and attractive dosage formats that provide consumers a pleasurable experience every time. 

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  • Zapliq, the next generation of Chewable Tablets

    Product Zapliq, the next generation of Chewable Tablets

    Zapliq takes chewable tablets to the next level. After chewing for 10 seconds, Zapliq transforms itself into liquid, making it easy to swallow as a sip of water. Zapliq makes taking OTC and nutritional products a pleasant experience. 

    -Suitable for combinations of different ingredients qq...
  • Compressed Chewing Gum

    Product Compressed Chewing Gum

    The compressed chewing gum allows the release of different active ingredients in a controlled way in order to obtain the required release profile and a pleasant experience at the same time. Chewing gum provides consumers with a pleasurable experience that stimulates the senses. The compressed gum is manufa...
  • Extruded Chewing Gum

    Product Extruded Chewing Gum

    Fertin is the world’s largest CDMO of medicated extruded chewing gum which is available in coated and uncoated variants. Our continuous efforts to optimise taste and texture have made our extruded chewing gum one of the most popular in the world for Nicotine Replacement Therapy.


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