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FOODMATE CO., LTD. is one of the leading manufacturers of Gelatin, Collagen Peptides in China. With long-term technology innovation, we supply tailor-made solutions for customers to meet their requirements and thus help them achieve their success. Loyal mate as we are. 

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Products from Foodmate Co., Ltd. (5)

  • CapGel® Gelatin

    Product CapGel® Gelatin

    CapGel® Gelatins can make it eaiser by giving capsules a smoother texture and enhanced swallowability. CapGel® Gelatins offer capsule stability and which can withstand one of the most complicated active ingredients.Here are our products as follows:

    CapGel® YB18Cap...
  • FlavorGel® Gelatin

    Product FlavorGel® Gelatin

    FlavorGel® Gelatin is derived from animal source material, like bone, or skin. The main component is protein. Up to now, we produce flavoured gelatin as follows: apple, orange, mango, strawberry etc. This makes your Jelly production more easier because you don't need add other ingredien...
  • FoodGel® Edible Gelatin

    Product FoodGel® Edible Gelatin

    Whatever your food application, FoodGel® Gelatin will help you select the gelatin with the right set of functionalities. FoodGel® Gelatin is a perfect ingredient for the food and nutrition markets: clear label, pure protein of natural origin (no e-numbers), fat- and carbohydrate-free. From a...
  • FoodPep® Collagen peptides

    Product FoodPep® Collagen peptides

    FoodPep® Collagen peptides are available with different functional properties and can be based on different raw materials, which include halal and kosher and pasture-raised products. FoodPep® Collagen peptides are produced in line with the highest safety standards and featured with neutral f...
  • PureGel®Gelatin

    Product PureGel®Gelatin

    This is Halal Gelatin from fish, highly versatile ingredients of natural origin – are the perfect excipient for a growing range of nutra-, pharmaceutical and medical delivery forms.

    Here are our products as follows:

    PureGel® F20PureGel® F22PureGel® F25PureGel®&nbs...