FREZYDERM S.A. is a leading Greek company that develops, manufactures and trades dermoceutical products and medical devices, owning one of the most valued R&D Departments and a cutting-edge technology factory. Since 1986 when established, FREZYDERM provided strong cooperation with doctors and Universities, innovations and revolutionary formulations, close relationship with pharmacists and a continuously, fast growing process, thus becoming one of the leaders in Pharmaceutical market. Nowadays FREZYDERM is committed to provide its bus...

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Products from FREZYDERM S.A. (5)

  • Sun Screen Color Velvet Face SPF 50+

    Product Sun Screen Color Velvet Face SPF 50+

    A velvety tinted, transparent facial sunscreen that melts into the skin. The cream provides very high protection from the sun and an even colour tone. The tint covers discolouration, scars and skin imperfections. While the revolutionary Second Skin Technology creates the feeling of an invisible 'se...
  • Baby Cream

    Product Baby Cream

    This nappy cream creates a protective barrier which prevents the development of nappy rash by protecting the skin from moisture, irritants and secretions.

    The cream’s composition is especially formulated for babies and contains low percentage of zync oxide, which reduces irritation and ...
  • Anticort Cream CE

    Product Anticort Cream CE

    Cream of alternative steroid effect

    Mimicking benefits of corticosteroids

    Free of pharmaceutical ingredients.
    Cream of alternative steroid effect. Relieves from inflammatory skin disorders, eczematoid conditions, dermatoses of various origin, redness, itching, atopic sy...
  • Instant Whitening BlueToothpaste

    Product Instant Whitening BlueToothpaste

    Whitening toothpaste keeping your natural smile bright and happy. Its composition based on micro-silica technology of the patented silicon granules reassures instant and visible maximum whitening action, without eroding tooth enamel. Sodium Fluoride 1.450ppm.

    •    Whitens te...
  • Velvet Colors / Matte Make Up - NEW

    Product Velvet Colors / Matte Make Up - NEW

    Make-up for an ideal result of color coverage with a velvety, matte texture that perfects skin look. It has a special color integration technology adapted to the natural skin tone, for completely seamless and natural coverage of imperfections without a "mask" effect. With patented Second Skin Velve...