Funtrition™ Gummies

Product description

At Fun-trition we are focused on offering a complete experience in every bite of our delicious gummies. From Gelatin, to Plant-based technologies to guilt-free, sugar-free gummy formulations we understand that good nutrition doesn't have to be boring. At Funtritiom, we don’t just manufacture gummies, we create new products and ideas based on what you need. We give you the tools to get inspired and build a product of your own. We can develop and manufacture a one-of-a-kind nutraceutical gummy for your brand.

Our scientists are curious and experimental are constantly playing with the mixture of different hydrocolloids to obtain new products and target specific markets. We are able to mix the best of each gelling agent into a single gummy product.  Gummies made from various hydrocolloids such as agar, pectin, starch and carrageenan differ in textural and gel melting properties, offering new product development opportunities. We have developed several formulas with a mixture of hydrocolloids for different purposes in sensorial experiences and even to solve costs and technical issues: for instance, a mixture with starch to increase the melting point basically for countries where the ambient temperature is an issue.

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