Chewgels - Chewable Soft Capsules

Product description

Discover our Chewable Softgel Platform ChewgelsTM, chewable soft capsules as a solution and line extension to existing or new products. With new ingredients, special shapes and flavors, we can offer our customers a range of formulations for different therapeutic lines. But, when thinking about consumers two words arise: needs and expectations. Talking about needs, chewable options offer a solution to difficulties in swallowing oral forms such as tablets or pills, ranging from children, seniors and patients with dysphagia. BUT, when Talking about expectations, we refer to a wide range of consumers looking for indulgent and different experiences in flavors, textures, natural and new/specialized ingredients, also including the curious generations of consumers demanding for unique and innovative products that tell a story.

Chewable soft capsules are soft, easy to swallow dosage forms that do not stick to the teeth nor leave any residues in the mouth. They offer a fast-oral release, taste masking and convenience since they´re easily taken w/o the need of water. There is a wide range of formulations for both chewable capsules and gummies, flavors, textures as well as functional ingredients. Particularly to CSC, they offer increased stability to APIs sensible to light or temperature and enhanced absorption of APIs formulated as emulsions.
Our chewgels technology is also:

·               Suitable for pharmaceutical compositions, nutraceuticals, vitamins, nutritional supplements, and similar products.
·               Extensively used USP excipients for improving the physical properties and texture of the soft capsules
·               Comprises at least one starch with a range from 0.1% to 35% of the total weight of the composition of the shell.
·               A gelatin that ranges from  20% to 60% of the total weight of the composition of the shell.Chewgels is an ideal solution for the Supplement category, including: 
·               immunity
·               Energy
·               Everyday Nutrition
·               bone health
·               Kid´s Health
·               Herbal Extracts
·               Sports Nutrition
·               Combinations Supplements
·       Omega-3’s

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