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21 Mar 2023

Innovation in Drug Delivery & Portfolio Renovation with Sofgen Pharmaceuticals

The Pharma industry is expected to reach $1.9Tn in revenue by 2027, increasing at a rate of 3-6% per year, according to IQVIA1, with some regions being driven by volume, and others by innovation. Growth in developed economies is projected to be slow, while other regions such as Latin America, Eastern Europe and parts of Asia are expected to have a strong growth. As the pharmaceutical industry continues to evolve, CDMOs will play an increasingly important role in drug development and manufacturing. 

Leading pharmaceutical Softgel CDMO, Sofgen Pharmaceuticals, part of Procaps Group, is ideally placed to capitalize on this and other changing demands within the market through its range of Softigel technologies that service different patient and consumer needs and its new Softgel facility in the US. 

As Latin America´s largest Softgel CDMO, Sofgen by Procaps Group offers contract manufacturing and development services in Softgel advanced technologies for pharmaceutical companies looking for differentiation, while simultaneously improving efficiency, and gaining access to specialized expertise, and unique technologies for fixed-dose combinations in Softgels, as an example. 

Our Softgel facility and Center for Pharmaceutical Excellence located in West Palm Beach, US, specializes in the development and manufacturing of high-end softgel technologies, with expertise in complex oral modalities such as hormonal products and high potency compounds, and other differentiated manufacturing technologies.  

Sofgen offers a diverse service portfolio that goes from Research for Advanced Delivery Technologies, End-to-end solutions for Orphan / Fast-track developments, pre-clinical and clinical developments for new Molecular Entities, lab analytical services, all the way to bottling & product inspection services.   

Our expansion to the United States provides us with a wider capability to deliver our pharmaceutical products to our strategic partners and ensure the continued quality of their brands which are their most valued assets. The increase in production capacities will provide us with the opportunity to deliver a wider product array as we move even closer to our customers in the North American markets as we implement our ambitious growth plans. 

The pharmaceutical industry is moving towards personalized medicine, which involves developing drugs tailored to specific patient needs. CDMOs are also increasingly focused on providing customized drug development and manufacturing services to meet the specific needs of their clients. Sofgen Pharmaceuticals, as an integrated CDMO, iCDMO, is investing in investigating what are these specific needs, so we can integrate our advanced oral technologies and services to tackle in a more direct and specific way those needs. 

Through our innovative technologies for oral delivery systems, plus our vast knowledge and expertise of more than 45 years in Softgel development and manufacturing, we offer the flexibility, value, and customization of our partners´ needs, driven by our passion to develop customized products that exceed our customers’ expectations, with a relationship model based on connectivity, trust, and empathy. 

Sofgen Pharmaceuticals, your flexible partner for Innovation in Softgel delivery.  

[1] IQVIA. Global Use of Medicines 2023 Outlook to 2027. Jan 2023.

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