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  • Product Vitamin D3 Medicinal soft Caps

    Pharmaceutical Form: Soft gelatin caps

    800IU, 1.000IU, 3.200IU, 20.000IU, 25.000IU, 50.000IU

    Prevention & Treatment of vitamin deficiency.
    For treatment of certain bone conditions.
    Helps to absorp calcium & enhances bones formation ...
  • Product Ulgix Flatulence max (simethicone 240 mg)

    Type: Medical device
    Pharmaceutical form: Capsules
    Package: 30, 15 capsules

  • Product Vegetarian softgel

    Patented technology for Vegetarian softgels which are 100% animal free (vegan) & thermal stable. 
    Can contain a variety of ingredients, from fatty acids to vitamins&minerals, to phytonutrients...
  • Product Soft gelatin capsules

    HC Clover PS offers added value integral service for soft gelatin capsules products, including: formulation and development, manufacturing, regulatory services and commercial departments support. For further information, visit us at our stand 121A10 (Hall 12.1).
  • Product Softgel Drying Systems

    Tumbler dryers are offered as a standalone unit or in combination with our encapsulation machines. They’re UL or CE certified, with FDA approved material contact parts, and they fulfill the GMP standards of the pharmaceutical industry. Variable speed, high frequency blower, automatic capsul...
  • Product NOVA.prost

    Food supplement with Saw palmetto, which contributes to the normal prostate function and correct urinary tract function, with Boswellia, Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin D. NOVA ARGENTIA PATENTED FORMULA Available in vitro studies and clinical trials on BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) Form: Soft...
  • Product ARANTAL

    ARANTAL is a natural bio-optimized Curcuma longa formulation for the treatment of Osteoarthritis. It has an action on acute and chronic pain. 

    ARANTAL improves patient’s mobility and also protects the cartilage from degradation. 

    ARANTAL can also be used to improve healing of m...
  • Product Ginkgo Biloba Extract

    Changsha Huir Biological-Tech Co., Ltd. 

    is a Pre-listed professional herbal extracts and APIs manufacturer with Five Plants in China, Three Warehouses in USA(CA,NY,FL), One warehouse in Europe

    Changsha Huir Biol...
  • Product SINOLPAN

    SINOLPAN ( based on cineole) for the treatment of symptoms of bronchitis and common cold. Also indicated as adjunctive treatment of chronic and inflammatory conditions affecting the respiratory tract e.g.
    the paranasal sinuses (sinusitis). The product is indicated for use in adolescents (aged 12 – 17 y...
  • Product Liquids and Semisolid Dosage Forms

    Have a look at our  liquids and semisolid dosage forms below:

    • TABULOSE® SC- Thixotropic Suspensions
    Want more information? At Barentz we always have a better solution! Reach out to us [email protected], we’d be happy to help!
  • Product SIMETHICONE RANGE (Gastro metabolism - Dyspepsia)

    Simethicone is a stable mixture of silicone polymer and silicone dioxide containing anti-foaming and intestinal gas reducing properties.  It indicated in the treatment of dyspeptic disorders and gastroenteric meterorism. Simethicone decreases the surface tension of mucus and of gas bubbles found ...
  • Product OMEGA-3 90 soft gelatine capsules

    A complex of fish oil rich in Omega-3 unsaturated acids (DHA, EPA) and Vitamin E. This dietary supplement improves brain functions, has favourable effect on mental and emotional state, improves skin elasticity and protects cells against oxidative stress. It supports cardiac activity, the cardiovascular system...
  • Product FEMASEA

    FEMASEA, a safe and well tolerated nutritional supplement (food supplement) based on Ginger, Magnesium and Vit. B6 for women who suffer from morning sickness or nausea during pregnancy.

  • Product Contract Manufacturing

    We provide contract manufacturing  , Doassier and registeration and Shipments for Finished pharmaceutical produces almost all over the world.Few of our best selling formulations are Amoxicillin tablets, ofloxacin, levofloxacin, ornidazole, atrovastatin, rosuvastatin, telmisartan, amlodipine, nebivol...
  • Product Fungocap

    • Product name: Fungocap • INN: Fluconazole •  Formulation: Capsules  •  Strength: 150 mg/200 mg  •  Packaging: 1 caps (blister of 1)/ 7 caps (blister strip of 7)/ 10 capsules/ 20 capsules/ 30 capsules (blister strip of 10) •  Shelf life: 3 years  •  Batch size: ...
  • Product Hexgabaline 75 and 150

     Pregabalin 150 mg  Pregabalin 75 mg Anticonvulsant , Hexgabalin is indicated for the management of neuropathic pain; pain caused by the nerve damage in people with diabetes (diabetic neuropathy), herpes zoster (p...
  • Product Gels

    Famar offers pharmaceutical services which includes gels. It belongs to semi-solid forms category. 

    Contact us for more information!
  • Product Vitamin E Softgel Capsules

    Reyoung Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. is a leading manufacture
  • Product Enterocoated softgel

    New technology ! 
    Protects health ingredients and reduces gastric irritation. 
  • Product Probiotic softgel

    Patented technology:  An improved process for producing a softgel capsule comprising viable probiotic bacteria and a softgel comprising viable probiotic bacteria having a long shelf-life

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