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  • Product Coledan (Soft Gelatin Capsules)

    Cholecalciferol/Vitamin D3, 1.000, 5.000, 10.000, 20.000 IU or 50.000 IU/ml. 

    Available in 1, 7, 8, 12, 14, 24, 28, 30 or 60 Soft Gelatin Capsules.
  • Product SIMETHICONE RANGE (Gastro metabolism - Dyspepsia - Aerophagy- Infant colic)

    Simethicone is a stable mixture of silicone polymer and silicone dioxide containing anti-foaming and intestinal gas reducing properties.  It is indicated in the treatment of dyspeptic disorders and gastroenteric meteorism. Simethicone decreases the surface tension of mucus and of gas bubbles ...
  • Product Tadalafil soft caps

    GAP specialises in innovative generics. GAP has developed TADALAFIL in soft caps offering unique marketing opportunities compared to standard generics in tablets.

    Indications:Genito-urinary System Erectile dysfunction
    Only 5 mg: benign prostatic dysfunction
    Only 20 mg: treat pulmon...

    AUTO SERVO MODEL ◆ The professional motion controller is used for synchronous control, making the synchronous operation of the servo motor comparable to mechanical transmission. ◆ Automatic alignment of die rolls, automatic adjustment of injection time and filling quantity. ◆ Online automatic measureme...
  • Product Easyfishoil Plus

    EasyFishoil Plus       
    For children that need an easy way to boost their Omega 3 levels; contains 639 mg Omega 3 in one single delicious easyChew

  • Product Polyglykol

    Effective and high-purity ingredients including a complete range of  Polyglykols (Macrogols) our universally applicable pharmaceutical polymers, with various molecular weights, supported by CEP certification and DMF type II documentation.
  • Product Gelatin Processing Plant

    A Soft Gelatin Processing Plant is required for the manufacturing of oral capsules, which are made up of gelatin shell loaded with a liquid fill. This Gelatin manufacturing plant can also be used for manufacturing of different types of gelatin compounds, such as hard gelatin and HPMC Gelatin. The product i...
  • Product Immune Support Range

    Propolis is known from ancient times for its beneficial properties. Its ingredients help strengthen the body’s natural defense system in order to cope with the symptoms of the common cold. Powerful Manuka Honey provides exceptional nutritional benefits to the organism. Additionally, Echinacea is traditiona...
  • Product Ocean Plus

    Ocean Plus Fish Oil 1200 mg fish oil contains 780 mg Omega-3 and 384 mg EPA and DHA, two Omega-3 fatty acids that help support and maintain the health of your cardiovascular and neurological system. Omega-3 fatty acids are considered “good” fats important for cellular, heart and metabolic health and help m...
  • Product Lavender Oil 80mg

    Substipharm offers a wide range of products which includes Lavender Oil 80mg. It belongs to Central Nervous category. Reference: 14, 28, 56 tablets of soft caps. Brand: Lasea® (Dr. Schwabe). Contact us for more information.
  • Product VitaDHA® Brain

    VitaDHA® Brain is a food supplement of omega-3 DHA and EPA, choline and vitamins, in “soft chews” flavored with lemon and passion fruit. This new type of PUFA delivery vehicle is soft and chewable with the ability to add flavorings, sweeteners and color, ideal for delivering PUFAs to consumers who have dif...
  • Product Food Supplements

    We develop and produce food supplements in these pharmaceutical forms:
    Soft Capsules
    Stick pack
  • Product Softgel Encapsulation Machine, SE100

    -Easy to install and detach system for cleaning-4 lubrication boxes to prevent cross-contamination
    -Automatic gelatin thickness measuring system
    -Automatic gelatin level control system
    -Automatic filling weight control system
  • Product Azithromycin ABR

    • Product name: Azitromycin ABR • INN: Azithromycin  •  Formulation: Capsules  •  Strength: 500 mg  •  Packaging: 3/6 capsules (blister strips of 3/6)  •  Shelf life: 3 years  •  Batch size: 75 000 capsules  •  MA status: Available  ...
  • Product NOVA.prost

    Food supplement with Saw palmetto, which contributes to the normal prostate function and correct urinary tract function, with Boswellia, Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin D. NOVA ARGENTIA PATENTED FORMULA Available in vitro studies and clinical trials on BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) Form: S...
  • Product Ginkgo Biloba Extract

    Changsha Huir Biological-Tech Co., Ltd. 

    is a Pre-listed professional herbal extracts and APIs manufacturer with Five Plants in China, Three Warehouses in USA(CA,NY,FL), One warehouse in Europe

    Changsha Huir B...
  • Product Key Pharmaceuticals Portfolio

    Key Pharmaceuticals Ltd. product list ready for out-licensing.
  • Product Walk in Cooling Cabinet.

    The Walk-In Cooling Cabinets / cold rooms are designed according to ICH guidelines, WHO, MCA and USFDA requirements to maintain uniform conditions. They are superior in airflow distribution, temperature control technology, cabinet construction and are manufactured as per cGMP regulations.
    Biggest Walk...
  • Product FERTIDUO Soft Gels

    FertiDuo® is a food supplement based on Vitamin C, E, B12, Selenium, Folic Acid, Zinc and Omega3 which contributes to the maintenance of normal male fertility.

    COMPOSITION Selenium, a trace mineral capable of contributing to normal spermatogenesis by protecting cells from oxidative st...

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