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24 Jul 2019

The best technical skills in the field of softgel encapsulation machines

 Since its establishment in 1972, Changsung Softgel System Ltd. Has had excellent technical skills recognized not just in domestic market but also in global markets based on the best techniques and professionalism in the field of softgel encapsulation machines

Changsung Softgel's main products include softgel encapsulation machines, capsule dryers, gelatin reactors, drug producers, tanks, sorting equipment, and so on.

With the best techniques and professionalism the company has obtained certification from domestic and foreign prominent organizations and implemented 'quality management and service' system based on long-time accumulated knowhow.

Also, it owns international level of service power through constant R&D investment to intensify technical competitive strength.

This allows the company providing softgle manufacturing system including capsule dryers, capsule sorting equipment, and gelatin manufacturing systems as well as softgel encapsulation machines to cosmetic and bio industries.

The softgel encapsulation machines produced by Changsung Softgel have high productivity, high durability and high economic feasibility. The machines can provide high speed production, which secure competitive power internally and externally.

Their main customers include pharmaceuticals, health functional foods, and cosmetics manufacturer. The machine that produces softgel type uses rust resistant aluminum and stainless steel and manufactured in compliance with GMP Standard.

Also, they are exported throughout the world, obtaining CE and UL certification in compliance with international standards.

Compared to other production machines owned by global key rivals in the world, the superior competitiveness has been recognized of its continuous process drying system including vegetable capsule machines patented in EU, New Zealand, and Israel.

Now, Changsung Softgel's softgel encapsulation machines are exporting to total 48 countries including EU, China, England, Australia, and New Zealand, and the company has also established CS (customer satisfactory) organization to secure company awareness and reliability internally and externally.

The CS organization takes in charge of trial run and after sales services for customer satisfaction, and provides unfailing services to the customers. Also, even providing consulting rather than simply selling products is the part that differentiates the company from others.

The company is getting domestic and foreign customers' confidence through amicable communication between customers and staff and by accepting and responding to customers' requests immediately.

Changsung softgel provides its customers not just consulting on the machines related to soft capsule production but also temperature and humidity conditions during the processing, factory layout, and total solution about soft capsule until new product development based on its long-time accumulated knowhow.

On the other hand, Changsung Softgel never neglects its technical development.

Based on it technical research center established in 2008, the company gives an impetus to new product development as well as technical development. Also, many investments are proceeding in order to respond to ever-changing global soft capsule markets. In addition, it accepts a diversity of opinions on existing product improvement or new product development.

The Company accepts ideas derived by collecting customer opinions who uses the machines and utilizing staff proposal system who produces the products, materializes the ideas with R&D department and production department, and develops innovative techniques and products.

Changsung Softgel is manufacturing various softgel encapsulation machines, dryers, and support equipment. Of these products, 880SR model is a softgel encapsulation machine having 250X320mm size of the biggest die roll.

880SR is equipped with automatic gelatin control system, auto-stop for die roll approaching, and die roll releasing device. It also adopts new drum cooling method and its performance is improved with 30 elaborate pistons and special pump for high viscosity and high solid materials. Its safety is improved with equipment that prevents gelatin from overflowing when the machine stops.

Meanwhile, Changsung Softgel succeeded in not only manufacturing softgel encapsulation machine but also developing vegetable soft capsule that can replace exiting gelatin.

Vegetable soft capsule resulted from long-time trial and error can be absorbed faster to the body than existing animal gelatin soft capsule, and gets attention throughout the world, using harmless marine algae.

Changsung Softgel acquired patents for vegetable soft capsule production equipment from the US as well as in Korea, and possesses domestic patent for the raw material of the vegetable soft capsule. This vegetable soft capsule seems to lead new growing of Changsung Softgel.

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