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  • Product Polyglykol

    Effective and high-purity ingredients including a complete range of  Polyglykols (Macrogols) our universally applicable pharmaceutical polymers, with various molecular weights, supported by CEP certification and DMF type II documentation.
  • Product VISION Kids BLUE LIGHT

    Vision Kids BLUE LIGHT is a food supplement based on Lutein and zeaxanthin, Bilberry, Vitamins and Mineral salts in a tasty chocolate candy covered with a delicious, sweet lid. This innovative dosage form has been chosen to favor the daily intake in pediatric age, providing the well-being of the chil...
  • Product Immune Support Range

    Propolis is known from ancient times for its beneficial properties. Its ingredients help strengthen the body’s natural defense system in order to cope with the symptoms of the common cold. Powerful Manuka Honey provides exceptional nutritional benefits to the organism. Additionally, Echinacea is traditiona...
  • Product Dermocosmetic

    An example of Dermocosmetic that we can offer
  • Product Softgel Encapsulation Machine, SE100

    -Easy to install and detach system for cleaning-4 lubrication boxes to prevent cross-contamination
    -Automatic gelatin thickness measuring system
    -Automatic gelatin level control system
    -Automatic filling weight control system
  • Product BiFiDo кids - synbiotic 20 chewing tablets

    BiFiDo кids is a synbiotic – combination of probiotics (Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium longum) and a prebiotic (Inulin). Probiotics are the good bacteria that naturally support kid’s digestion, gastrointestinal flora and  immune system. Prebiotics support and boost the action of probiot...
  • Product Food Supplements

    We develop and produce food supplements in these pharmaceutical forms:
    Soft Capsules
    Stick pack
  • Product Medical Devices based on substances

    We develop and produce medical devices based on substances of class I, IIa and III.
    In particular:
    Oral Spray
    Nasal Spray
    Ear Spray
    Ear Drops
    Oral drops
    Oral solids (tablets and sachets)
    Vaginal Ovules
    Vaginal washes
    Eye drops (single an...
  • Product Finished Formulations

    We are a leading third-party manufacturer of health supplements and nutraceuticals in private labeling with more than 800 product portfolios, you can make any type of tailor-made products in capsules, or tablets. effervescent, sprays, syrups, drops, sachets, powder, and candies. We have our in-house label...
  • Product Walk in Cooling Cabinet.

    The Walk-In Cooling Cabinets / cold rooms are designed according to ICH guidelines, WHO, MCA and USFDA requirements to maintain uniform conditions. They are superior in airflow distribution, temperature control technology, cabinet construction and are manufactured as per cGMP regulations.
    Biggest Walk...
  • Product Digestive Health

    Raritan Pharmaceuticals is the leader in OTC Digestive Products in the US.
  • Product Apnas Natural™ Gummies

    The best vitamins are the tasty vitamins! Apnas Natural™ Chewable vitamin gummies with natural ingredients meet the needs of the whole family. These are the supplements with pleasant fruity flavors in form of jelly gummies. There are mono- & multivitamin complexes with minerals and other biologically a...

    LYCASTE SWISS innovative nutri-cosmetic dietary supplements in the form of delicious gummies are a perfect combination with LYCASTE SWISS personalised cosmetics. The only product in the market that contains 3100mg of hydrolysed collagen in the form of a gummy with a skilfully masked taste. Has never a coll...

    Delicious SWISS KIDS soft gummies, MADE IN SWITZERLAND. Multivitamin, immunity support, bone health and mental activity support, all manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards. 
  • Product Veg Soft Gel Plants

    Vegetarian Soft Gel Plants
  • Product Softgel Encapsulation Machine

    Softgel Encapsulation Machine
  • Product Soft gelatin plant

    Soft gelatin plant
  • Product Softgel Encapsulation Machine - 880SR

    Servo motor driven type(No timing Gear)
    less noisy -68db
    Built-in AGT system(Automatic Gelatin Ribbon Thickness Control System) Built-in AFA system(Automatic Fill Volume Adjustment System) 
    Liner motor for fill pump installed
    Heating Filling pump installed.

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