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  • Product Enteric capsules

    Capsule technology that simplifies enteric drug delivery implementation. It offers an enteric-release profile to the upper gastro-intestinal tract that meets the disintegration requirements for delayed-release capsules from the European, US and Japanese Pharmacopoeia. The pharmaceutic...
  • Product Capsules/encapsulation

    Blending Granulation and Compression
    • Direct compression blending
    • Wet granulation
    • Dry granulation
    • Top spray granulation
    • High and low shear granulation
    • Tray
    • Microwave
    • Wurster drug layering and coating
    • ...
  • Product DIAMEL

    Food Supplement based on Plants, Amino Acids, Vitamins and Zinc to support sugar metabolism
  • Product ARTERINORM

    ARTERINORM is a food supplement, containing a complex of natural substances which are beneficial for the physiological control of cholesterol plasma levels. The efficacy of this product is documented in several published clinical trials (total 1700+ patients).
    Cardiology / Metabolism / Endocrinology

    Chios Mastiha is traditionally used as a mean for the relief of stomach disorders and contributes to the peptic system hygiene.
    CONTAINS: 90 capsules. Each capsule contains 350mg Chios Mastiha.
    SUGGESTED USE: Take two (2) capsules, twice per day with water or juice, before brea...
  • Product CDMO- Finished Dosage Forms

    Contract Development and Manufacturing Services for Various Dosage Forms:
    • Tablets
    • Capsules
    • Granules/Powder for OS
    • Oral Solutions
    • Drops
    • Ointment
    • Cream
    • Gel
  • Product ADAPTA 50

    ADAPTA 50 – Capsule filler

    The new ADAPTA 50 synthesizes all the best of our competence in capsule filling. While designing this machine, we scouted for new technical solutions, improved the handling of difficult products, tested innovative algorithms and feedback loops to enhance the in-l...
  • Product Your Back pain Capsules

    Neuro-regenerative and pain-relieving food supplement formulation with efficiency confirmed by great user feedback from the market. 

    Targeting neuronal damage, the underlying cause of neuropathic pain, and not only symptom relief. Based on Qspine - a proprietary complex and result of extensive...
  • Product Softgel Encapsulation Machine, SE100

    -Easy to install and detach system for cleaning-4 lubrication boxes to prevent cross-contamination
    -Automatic gelatin thickness measuring system
    -Automatic gelatin level control system
    -Automatic filling weight control system
  • Product Algal DHA

    Algal DHA, a vegetarian, sustainable and highly stable algal Omega-3 DHA produced from the microalgae Schizochytrium. Although fish oil is well known for having a high content of EPA and DHA, micro algae is the original source of marine omega-3. Algal DHA is the DHA in Algal oil that is derived directly from ...
  • Product Formulation Development Services

    Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services offers end-to-end formulation development services ranging from early development to clinical supplies for new chemical entities for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical & animal healthcare industry along with life cycle extension of the products. We have the expertise along ...
  • Product ellura®

    Ellura® capsules, Traditional Herbal Medicine, contain 36 mg of cranberry proanthocyanidins (PACs) extracted from the juice. This quantity of 36 mg PACs, measured by the DMAC method, has shown to be both necessary and also a guarantee to maintain a healthy urinary tract. The efficacy of "one capsule a day" El...
  • Product Contract Manufacturing Organization

    Hedelab, certified ISO 22 000, BIO and HACCP, is an added-value CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization), based in Ghlin (Belgium), producing food supplements. Our mission is to support the development of our B-to-C customers, by bringing innovative neutraceuticals solutions (powders, liquids, caps, tabs, st...
  • Product ANTOVIT®

    ANTOVIT contains titrated extracts of Blueberry (fruits) and Red grape (seeds) associated with Vitamin E and Vitamin A. The Blueberry extract is useful for microcirculation function, Vitamin E improve cells protection from oxidative stress, Vitamin A contributes to the maintenance of the physiological vi...
  • Product ALLERGOFF® allergen-neutralizing spray

    ALLERGOFF® spray is an innovative solution for neutralization of house dust allergens. It is designed to protect against harmful impact of allergens present in house dust, such as: house dust mites allergens, pollen, pet and fungal allergens. It neutralises house dust allergens by changing their chemical str...
  • Product CordenPharma Highly Potent & Oncology Platform

    One Source for Highly Potent & Oncological Products
    • Integrated Supply: APIs & Oral / Sterile Drug Products • State-of-the-art facilities able to handle API and Drug Product of the highest potency • Development, clinical trial and commercial manufacturing • Full-service offering including ...
  • Product Fingolimod capsules 0.25 mg, 0.5 mg

    Fingolimod capsules, 0.25 mg, 0.5 mg
    Indication: Multiple Sclerosis
    Availability: Available

    Coripharma offers out-licensing and supply of generic pharmaceuticals, developed in house,  including analytical development, regulatory- and IP support to other pharmaceutical companie...
  • Product Everything for Inhalation

    At Hovione we can tailor-make particle size distributions through complex particle engineering technologies, like wet-polishing and monosep, in ranges suitable for inhalation and incorporate desired morphology characteristics into your API. We are also able to start with a Hovione-produced API and develop a d...
  • Product SPINE

    All-in-one 360° visual inspection machine with 3D and 2D inspection technology for inspection and sorting of tablets, capsules and softgels. Sensum SPINE automatically inspects the entire surface of tablets, capsules and softgels at the speed of up to 630.000 products/hour. Machine can inspect an exten...
  • Product Inhalation Device Platforms

    Access the delivery technology best suited to the needs of your development programme, including unit-dose and multi-unit dose DPIs, pMDIs and smart nebulisers, suitable for home or hospital applications.

    Dry Powder Inhalers:
    Options include proprietary unit- and multi-unit dose platforms, as well...

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