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Solé Pharma® Healthcare is a dynamic Latvian pharmaceutical company that produces high quality pharmaceutical products in close collaboration with doctors, pharmacists and scientific institutes, guaranteeing excellent quality and individual approach to each customer, distributor and partner. Thanks to a professional team and modern manufacturing site, Solé Pharma® Healthcare's portfolio includes over 50 different formulas, including worldwide recognizable brands. Solé Pharma® products contain amino acids, herbal extracts, vitamins and micro elements that have proven to be effective in clinical trials and daily practice. Thanks to the scientific department, Solé Pharma® Healthcare develops new formulas every year, taking into account the individual needs of each country. The company has gained international reputation for continuous development and effective cooperation, which has been established in 22 countries in Europe, Middle east and Asia. The company focuses on the development and production of high-quality original products based on the latest technology in science. Solé Pharm...

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    Olefar® DUO Oil Spray is a fast and efficient treatment for sore throat which reduces inflammation, swelling and pain.
    Olefar® DUO Oil Spray natural composition covers oral cavity and oropharynx. It helps to maintain mucosa moistened and elastic, reduces discomfort and pain, as well as feeling of s...

    Product SOLEMAX® NEURO

    Solemax® Neuro is for memory and brain performance. The product involves various effective components that are all necessary for the cognitive function improvement. It positively affects brain functions, improves nerve cells impulse transmission, reduces irritability and anxiety, improves memory and bloo...
  • Soluro® Akut

    Product Soluro® Akut

    Soluro® Akut is for acute lower urinary tract infections like cystitis and urethritis. The fast-acting sachet form contains high dosage of active ingredients that are included in 2022 European Association of Urology guidelines and immediately decrease the first symptoms ...
  • Hepastrong AMINO forte

    Product Hepastrong AMINO forte


    Hepastrong AMINO forte is an innovative product with high dose amino acids and vitamin B complex for fast liver protection. Only one sachet will provide a full spectrum of hepatoprotection.

    It ensures toxic substance excretion, liver cell regen...
  • Artroveron 5in1 With Omega-3

    Product Artroveron 5in1 With Omega-3

    Artroveron 5in1 With Omega-3

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  • Video Solé Pharma® Healthcare manufacturing site

    Solé Pharma® manufactures pharmaceutical products that are all developed within a team of highly competent healthcare experts, such as doctors, pharmacists and various scientific institutes.

    Solé Pharma® ensures constant quality that is appreciated both locally and internationally. Products are manufactured in the European Union according to the EU regulations. Solé Pharma® products are manufactured with respect to the GMP standards that guarantee the highest quality for each product and safety standard ISO 22000, ISO 13485.

    Thanks to the R&D department, Solé Pharma® constantly works on innovation implementation, which is one of the main priorities the company focuses on.