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Ackley Machine Corporation designs and manufactures machinery to print, laser mark and drill tablets, capsules and soft gels. A leader in innovation, Ackley has proudly served the needs of the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and confectionery industries for nearly 50 years.

Ackley also offers ancillary equipment such as bulk hopper feeders, tablet sorters, edible ink mixers and maintenance systems and vision inspection systems. All Ackley machines meet FDA and CE compliance regulations and are cGMP compliant.

From R&D to high-volume productions, leading companies and startups trust their brands to Ackley machines. Contact us today to see how we can help with your tablet and capsule printing, marking or drilling needs.

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  • 1273 North Church Street, Suite 106, 08057-1194, Moorestown, NJ, United States

Products from Ackley Machine Corporation (3)

  • VIP Laser Drill + NIR - Tablet Drilling Machine

    Product VIP Laser Drill + NIR - Tablet Drilling Machine

    A pharmaceutical industry first, the VIP Laser Drill + NIR incorporates optional near-infrared spectroscopy alongside precision CO2 laser drilling and vision inspection for the production of osmotic drugs.

    This versatile machine uses NIR inspection to verify a tablet’s enteric coating prior to lase...
  • Cantilever Laser - Tablet & Capsule Marking Machine

    Product Cantilever Laser - Tablet & Capsule Marking Machine

    Laser Writing Machine for Mid-sized Pharmaceutical Productions

    Versatile, multi-lane laser writing / laser marking machine for tablets and capsules of any shape or size. Also capable of single-sided tablet laser drilling. With output rates of up to 250,000/hour, the Cantilever features user f...
  • Adjustable Angle Ramp Printer - Tablet & Capsule Printing Machine

    Product Adjustable Angle Ramp Printer - Tablet & Capsule Printing Machine

    Multi-lane, flatbed edible ink printing machine for large scale productions. Premium quality offset printing up to 1,200,000 products / hour. This high performance printer isolates and  positions product for precision, rotogravure printing in one or more ink colors. User friendly operation, multipl...

Ackley Machine Corporation Resources (2)

  • News Ackley honored as finalist in 2020 Innovation Awards

    The VIP Laser Drill + NIR is a tablet drilling machine that helps streamline the production of osmotic controlled-release pharmaceutical products
  • Brochure R&D Laser

    Small Batch Tablet & Capsule Laser Marking or Drilling Machine. Multi-functional system designed to laser drill apertures or engrave logos in the outer coating of pharmaceutical products. This manual system uses a FDA compliant plastic paddle with custom machined pockets that can hold up to 25 products. Products are placed into the pockets, then the filled paddle is placed into the laser chamber. Next, the operator selects on the HMI screen which pocket locations to drill or engrave, then presses the Fire button. Perfect for dissolution testing and clinical trials, the R&D Laser accommodates products of all shapes and sizes – tablets, caplets, capsules and softgels. It can also manage multiple product recipes. From laser writing softgels to laser drilling multi-layer controlled release tablets, the R&D Laser delivers consistent, high quality output for your small batch and Research & Development needs.