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Pizeta Pharma S.p.A. is a dynamic company established in 2010 in Umbria, in the center of Italy. We are the owner and the distributor of our branded food supplements and medical devices, and all our products are "MADE IN ITALY". We are mainly focused in the Gynecological area, with specific references for woman's health and well-being (PCOS, infertility, menstrual irregolarity, metabolic syndrom, vaginal infections, iron deficiency anemia, hyperandrogenism and more). We offer also valid and innovative therapeutic solutions for others medical areas: ophthalmological, vascular, general practice, dermatological. We offer the possibility to customize our therapeutic solutions, high quality of the finished products "MADE IN ITALY", long term distribution agreement, careful support in scientific & marketing contents.

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    Food supplement recommended to counteract the metabolic and reproductive alterations related to the syndrome of insulin resistance, such as PCOS, infertility, gestational diabetes, dyslipidemia. (Myo-Inositol, D-Chiro-Inositol, Folic Acid, Manganese). Sugar free, lactose free, gluten free, suitable for vegans...
  • ISIDE 22

    Product ISIDE 22

    MEDICAL DEVICE (class IIA), patented with in vitro study, useful in case of vulvovaginal flora alterations caused by fungal and bacterial infections. (Probiotics, Boric Acid, Prebiotic) Gluten free.

    Product ISIDE HPV

    Iside HPV is a medical device class IIA, avalable in 7,10 or 14 vaginal ovules, for treatment and prevention of Human Papilloma Virus infection.

    Product SFERAFER

    Food supplement useful to fill the food shortages or increased organic iron requirements in case of iron deficiency anemia, abundant menstrual cycle, pregnancy, gastrointestinal pathologies or disorders, vegetarians and vegans diet. Patented with in vitro study. (Bivalent Iron, Copper, Vitamin C). Gluten free...

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