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  • Product Estriol (CEP)

    Transo-Pharm Handels-GmbH offers a wide range of products which includes Estriol (CEP). It belongs to API category. Contact us for more information.
  • Product DERMISET

    Eczema and corticosteroid-responsive skin diseases characterized by hyperkeratoses and/or squamous cell formation.
    Psoriasis, excluding large psoriasis plaques
    Lichenification of the skin.
    Lichen planus
    Keratoderma palmoplantaris(palmoplantar hyperkera...
  • Product Opticleaner - ophthalmic ointment with Manuka honey MGO 400+, Manuka oil and cinnamon bark extract

    Opticleaner Ointment

    Opticleaner - The ointment intended for eyelid skin care, use on eyelids for external stye and chalazion

    For use on eyelids for external stye and chalazion.

    Preparation intended for eyelid skin care.

    The ointment contains a composition of ...
  • Product Epicyn

    Epicyn™ with patented technology is intended for the management and reduction of new and existing hypertrophic and keloid scars. Epicyn™ forms a protective barrier against physical, chemical and microbial invasion of the scar. It softens, flattens and reduces redness and relieves scar-associated it...
  • Product Motusflex MF

    Multifunctional rheology modifier for challenging formulations. Motusflex™ MF has an excellent salt tolerance, broad pH compatibility and stabilizes high amounts of oil combined with soft texture and a silky after feel.

  • Product PUROVICS® GEL

    PUROVICS® GEL is an aromatherapeutic massage gel applied to relax joints and muscles. Thanks to its special formula, it makes your massage application relaxing and refreshing.
  • Product FEMAGINAL monodose gel

    FEMAGINAL monodose gel based on Hyaluronic acid and Lactic Acid for vaginal dryness and women with fungal or bacterial vaginosis. (medical device Class IIa)
    Women's Health / Gynaecology
  • Product Ellame face mask sheets

    Corpus Medica provides a wide range of products including luxury cosmetic line of sheet masks Ellamé. Ellamé consists of three different types of face masks – Hydro Complex, Anti-aging, Triple Hydro and Regenerate. Next generation mask sheets and serum is a unique composition which allows to offer the h...
  • Product CDMO- Generics/OTCs in Tablets, Capsules, Granules...

    FDA approved facility in China providing Contract Development and Manufacturing Services in Various Dosage Forms: • Tablets • Capsules • Granules/Powder for OS • Oral Solutions • Drops • Ointment • Cream • Gel

    Applicable for most generics/OTCs and innovative drugs.
  • Product Sof'Bag®: airless pouch system for dermal & transdermal applications

    Nemera offers high performance airless delivery systems for dermal and transdermal solutions, lotions and creams.

    Nemera’s airless systems, pumps and valves are designed to handle a variety of formulations with different viscosities.

    Sof’Bag® is a high-...
  • Product Clobetasol Propionate 0.05%

    Clobetasol cream / ointment
  • Product Dermocosmetic

    An example of Dermocosmetic that we can offer
  • Product Plant Certifications

    Plant Approvals • EU GMP • TGA Australia • PIC/s • WHO GMP • ISO • PPB, Kenya • NDA, Uganda • NFDAC, Nigeria • DPML, Ivory Coast • MOH, UAE • MOH, Iraq • FDA, Philippines
  • Product Gengigel

    Gengigel® is a patented medical device containing high molecular weight hyaluronic acid obtained by a biotechnological process, which guarantees a high level of purity. Its formulation is designed to resemble that of the hyaluronic acid found in normal gum tissue.
    The Gengigel® line has been widely cli...
  • Product Immune Support Range

    Propolis is known from ancient times for its beneficial properties. Its ingredients help strengthen the body’s natural defense system in order to cope with the symptoms of the common cold. Powerful Manuka Honey provides exceptional nutritional benefits to the organism. Additionally, Echinacea is traditiona...
  • Product Cibides Gel and Foam

    Gel and Foam easy to use and with quick action. Enriched by hemp oil combined with Escin, Boswellia extract, Skinasensil, Bromelain, Methylsulfonylmethane, Glucosamine sulphate, Methyl salicylate, with a relieving and soothing action in case of muscles and joint pain.
  • Product Flomel® 500 and Flomel ® Gel Cream

    Flomel® 500 is a food supplement based on bromelain with dehydrated pineapple juice
    It promotes the drainage of body fluids (heavy legs), improves microcirculation and it helps to treat the imperfections related to cellulite.

    Format: 20 sachets (3 g)
    How to use: 1 ...

    ADAPTEK® TECHNOLOGY is the general name for our 4 international patents and expertise in nanotechnology and controlled release systems.This is a transversal technology that allows to develop customized biopolymeric nanohydrogels, allowing the load with different API (drugs, vitamins, growth factors, etc.)....
  • Product Panthenol HA Cream 7%

    Panthenol is necessary for the preservation of the healthy complexion, beautiful hair and nails. It has been clearly proved that the products containing over 1 % of panthenol have positive effects. New product series Panthenol HA contain also hyaluronic acid. Panthenol and hyaluronic acid are potent binder...
  • Product Dermol cream and oitnment

    √  Therapeutic Category: Corticosteroids, combinations with antibiotics√  Treatment: Dermol is indicated for the therapeutic treatment of allergic dermatosis. √    Assures excellent penetration and absorption for the treatment of cellular subcellular membranes√    Immediate...

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