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Haks has established in 1981 and has been a pioneer family owned company at Turkish OTC sector.  
Before having Nurse Harvey’s brand, we did work with many global companies such as Johnson & Johnson, SaraLee, Colgate Palmolive and many others.   About our brand Nurse Harvey’s;  It was originally established in UK in mid-1960’s and become world famous with it’s Gripe Mixture which is herbal relief syrup for babies colic symptoms.  
Currently our Colic Relief products are one of the top 3 sellers in Turkey according to IMS.    
Nurse Harvey’s main principle is to keep all our products as natural as possible.  Nurse Harvey’s products are free from drug and chemical active ingredients.  We try to create only natural and herbal remedies.  Nurse Harvey’s is one of the safest brand that you may use for all age limits starting from infants.  We care that our products do not have any side effects. 

Since 2012 our production has been moved from UK to Turkey and Nurse Harvey’...

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