Kurtsan Pharmaceuticals

About Kurtsan Pharmaceuticals

Kurtsan Group is a 60 years old Turkish leading manufacturing co. in Herbal Cosmetics, Medical Plasters, Throat Pastilles and Dermatological Pharmaceuticals sector.

Our 200 different products are being promoted by medical marketing, through “doctors”, “pharmacies”, “pharmacy wholesalers” and “cosmetic ch...

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Products from Kurtsan Pharmaceuticals (3)

  • Kalmosan Skin Lotion

    Product Kalmosan Skin Lotion

    Kalmosan Skin Lotion: Antiallergic, Antipruritic, Lotion
  • Romatim Gel

    Product Romatim Gel

    Romatim Gel: Antirheumatismal, Anti inflammatory
  • K-Fenidex Gel

    Product K-Fenidex Gel

    Antipruritic, Anthistaminic, Anesthetic